From Farmerville

Farmerville Main Street

The Gazette
November 6, 1901

Dr. C. H. Laurence, of Ruston, is in our town doing dental work.

Pile-ine Cures Piles. Money refunded if it ever falls.

Rooks, at Bernice, can supply you with anything in the jewelry line.

Mr. Ludwig Hartman has accepted a position in the stable of Clark Bros. at Monroe.

Mrs. Willie Wimberly, of Terrell, Tex., is visiting relatives and friends in Union Parish.

Mr. J. W. McFarland, of Claiborne Parish, visited his relative, W. A. McFarland, last week in Farmerville.

Rooks, the jeweler at Bernice, guarantees all his work. Take your watches, clocks and sewing machines to him.

Miss Alma Peek, a charming young lady of Ouachita, visited relatives and friends in Union Parish last week.

Mrs. S. S. Thomas, of Marion, visited friends this week in Farmerville. She was the guest of Mr. B. F. Pleasant’s family.

J. D. Baughman has just received a car load of best high patent flour, guaranteed which he is selling for only $4.75 per barrel.

A very marked change in the weather occurred in the twenty-four hours following Sunday morning, lowering the mercury several notches.

To persons desiring to hold cotton I will advance $25 to $30 per bale for all placed in my hands at moderate rate of interest. J. G. Trimble

Last week a new telephone line was put in operation between Farmerville and Junction City, via Lillie, Spearsville and Cherry Ridge.

Mrs. R. P. Webb, of Monroe, spent a few days recently in Farmerville with relatives and friends. She was accompanied by Mrs. Russell of West Monroe.

Wanted For Cash. Hides, beeswax, tallow, brass, copper, chickens, eggs, coon and minx hides and other produce. D. Stein.

There were only nine applicants for teacher’s certificates before the examining board — five whites and four colored — last week. Three of them received certificates as follows: Second grade — E. C. Harrison and Herbert Hawkins; third grade — Miss Dollie Reagan.

Cotton Seed. Will pay $9 per ton and supply sacks, or $10 per ton and seller furnish sacks, for all cotton seed delivered at Farmerville warehouse.  John Ballard, Agt. Union Oil Mill.

Miss Willie Lott, daughter of Mrs. Jennie Lott, formerly of Farmerville, died quite suddenly Sunday in Ruston after a brief illness. In that city there were three other deaths in the same day — the victims being Mr. R. E. Russ, for whom the town was named, Mr. A. T. Coleman and a little child whose name we failed to learn.

The Cecelian Club met at Mrs. Cook’s last Wednesday afternoon with a full attendance. the interesting programme consisted of a duet by Misses Helena Selig and Eda Jameson, besides several instrumental solos which were executed from memory. The performers were Misses Lucile Pleasant, Olive Baughman, Bettie Haas, Miriam Hartman, Bertie Cook, Helena Selig and Eda Jameson. The club will meet every alternate Wednesday afternoon.

Lost or Stolen! From W. F. Usrey’s lot in Oakland, on the night of October 22, 1901, one Black Horse Mule, about 10 years old, 15 hands high; large bush at end of tail, white mark in bend of both hind legs, Roman nose, often snaps his lips. Any information concerning said mule or his return will be liberally rewarded. Address, W. F. Usrey, Oakland, La.; or, H. C. Atkins, Truxno, La.

Healthy Children Are Happy. Mother’s Worm Syrup makes children healthy by expelling the worms that make them ill. Children eat it on bread.

If you want to spend a pleasant evening, don’t fail to attend the Knights of Pythias entertainment to-night.

The young man Clampitt, who was seriously wounded at Calhoun during the recent fair there, has recovered sufficiently to be taken home.

Your attention is directed to the new advertisement of Mr. P. H. Ford, Ouachita, La. Mr. Ford is determined to get his share of the trade. He has the goods and proposes to sell them at right prices. His motto is the best goods, the newest goods, the most goods, for the least money. Give Mr. Ford a trial, and you will not be dissatisfied.

Mr. T. N. Bailey, of Bernice, was in Farmerville this morning. He tells of the following business changes in Bernice: Mr. Charles Moton has bought out the hardware store of Mr. T. J. Gray; Mr. Gray in turn has bought out the mercantile business of Mr. H. M. Blackman, and Mr. Blackman has purchased an interest in the Middle Fork Mills.

Mr. J. D. Barksdale, attorney for the Hamburg, Ruston & Southern Railroad Company, with Mr. D. A. Sullivan, a timber expert, passed through Farmerville Monday on their way to Marion and other points, in the interests of the new road. They are making a cursory examination of the timber in Union Parish with a view to making proper classifications of the timber preparatory to negotiations that will result in the perfection of the plans to begin the building of the road with the least possible delay.

At the regular bi-weekly meeting of the Farmerville Debating Club, the subject, “Resolved, that true education is acquired in the home rather than in the school,” was ably discussed by C. H. Jameson and W. D. Munholland for the affirmative, and J. H. Anderson and R. Roberts for the negative. The judges rendered the decision in favor of the affirmative. The question for consideration at next meeting is, “Resolved that right of suffrage should be granted to women.” As this is a matter that affects the interests of the fair sex, they are expected to participate in the debate.

We are pleased to learn that the Tulane University in New Orleans opened auspiciously last month. The increased matriculation of new students was very gratifying. As compared with last year the new matriculation shows an increase of more than ninety per cent. More students than usual came from the country parishes. The Medical Department opened with largely increased attendance. The Law Department will open on the 18th inst, and the indications are that it will share in the general prosperity of the institution. The new dormitories are now being completed, and will fill a long felt want.

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