They Say


The Gazette
November 6, 1901

They say that the rail road has never reached Marion yet.

They say that Marion is thriving just the same.

They say that with new business, houses and a new M. D., competition will be closer.

They say that Marion has the best school in the parish.

They say that the children all obey the professor.

They say that the Professor paralyzes them so they won’t disobey.

They say that the monthly examinations are an incentive to more thorough work.

They say that Dr. Powell and his interesting family are a great addition to our social and professional circles.

They say he thinks it is distressingly healthy at Marion.

They say they hope he will not have an opportunity to prove his ability as a physician soon.

They say the Glee Club is composed of good-looking folks.

They say that one of the  young men is not only good looking, but very pretty.

They say the Glee Club can boast of a rose, (Rosa).

They say that a certain young man would like to remove this rose (Rosa) to Farmerville.

They say that a certain young man of our town wants to be an M. D.

They say if he does not leave very soon for college, they will think M. D. means “mule driver.”

They say the trouble seems to be that he dislikes to leave a certain fan (Fannie).

They say the young folks are having their fortunes told.

They say some are very much pleased while others have grave countenances.

They say that the Musicale to be given on the night of Nov. 8th by the Glee Club will be one of the most up-to-date entertainments that Marion has had in many years.

They say that those who attend will be highly entertained.

They say that those who do not attend will miss a treat.

They may — but this old pate can’t remember.

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