From Farmerville

Farmerville Main StreetThe Gazette
November 20, 1901

Judge and Mrs. R. B. Dawkins went to Ruston Monday.

Miss Janie Hamilton, of Downsville, visited friends in Ruston last week.

Rooks, at Bernice, can supply you with anything in the jewelry line.

Mrs. T. J. Breed spent a few days of this week with friends in Shiloh.

Rev. L. D. Kitchens, an aged minister of Pisgah neighborhood, died early Sunday morning.

All kinda of legal blanks for justices of the peace and constables for sale at this office.

Judge Barksdale came over to Farmerville Sunday to represent clients before the court of appeals.

Mr. A. J. Mashaw, Ruston’s popular jeweler, will be in Farmerville next week to serve the people in his line.

Rooks, the jeweler at Bernice, guarantees all his work. Take your watches, clocks and sewing machines to him.

Rev. Barnette Wright went to Shreveport this week. They say it is not ministerial work that carried him there, though.

Mrs. Leon Gerson died very suddenly in New Orleans Sunday. She was formerly  Miss Bertha Brunner, and has several friends in Farmerville and Monroe.

After several weeks’ stay in Farmerville, Mr. J. M. Wallace and family left Monday morning. It is their purpose to locate in Shreveport.

Wanted For Cash. Hides, beeswax, tallow, brass, copper, chickens, eggs, coon and minx hides and other produce.  D. Stein.

We learn that a row at Marion Saturday night caused Richards & Co.’s show to pack their tent and pull their freight without giving their performance.

I will pay, for the next 20 days, 17 cts per bushel for sack seed, and furnish sacks at Farmerville, La.  John Ballard, Agent Union Oil Co.

Rabbi I. Heinberg, of Monroe, will lecture at the Knights of Pythias hall in Farmerville this evening at 7 o’clock. The public are invited to attend.

School Books.  I have received a large line of the recently adopted series of school books, which will be sold for cash on the spot. W. J. Turnage

Miss Gracie Moore, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Moore, of Bernice, died Monday morning after a brief illness. We extend condolence to the bereaved family.

Cotton Seed Wanted. I will pay 20 cents a bushel cash for all cotton seed delivered at the seed house in Lillie.  B. F. Post, Agent Ruston Oil Mill.

Rev. Mr. Notestine, presiding elder, delivered a mission sermon — beautiful and impressive — to a fall congregation at the Farmerville Methodist church Sunday evening.

Agents Wanted. $136 per month guaranteed by a mercantile agency. Address, The Retail Credit & Collection Association, P. O. Box W-578, Boulder, Colorado.

To persons desiring to hold cotton I will advance $25 to $30 per bale for all placed in my hands at moderate rate of interest.  J. G. Trimble

The storehouse of Mr. J. D. Miller, six miles northeast of Farmerville, was burglarized last week.  The robbers broke in through the rear door. and made off with about $40 worth of dry goods, shoes, etc.

We are requested to announce that Prof. O. B. Staples, of the Ruston College, will deliver a lecture before the D’Arbonne High School on Friday evening, Nov. 29th, at 7 o’clock.

The next meeting of the North Louisiana Agricultural Society will take place at Calhoun, Nov. 28th. The question, “How shall we prepare our land for the crop of 1902?’ will be discussed after which lunch will be served by the Experiment Station.

Coroner J. G. Taylor was called to Bernice last Thursday to hold an inquest over the body of a negro who was found dead that morning. The darkey’s name was Charlie Davis. He joined Richard & Co.’s circus at Junction City a day or two previous to his death. It is thought that he died from natural causes.

Ten men were killed and twenty eight seriously injured in a horrible railway wreck on the Great Northern road near Great Falls, Mon.

The negro Milton Larkin, who was bonded out of the Farmerville jail on the 19th inst., broke out with a full pledged case of small pox the next day after he left the jail. He had fever while he was confined in the prison, and it is feared that the disease has been communicated to the other prisoners there.

At the lease of the public ferries of Union Parish for year 1902, the following parties bid off the ferries at prices named below: Steins’ Bluff ferry, T. J. Brantley, $110; Fork ferry, D. Stein, $75; Cox ferry, A.  T. Dawson, $70; Ouachita City ferry, C. H. Gully, $25. The Phillips and Edwards ferries failed to sell.

For Sale. 400 acre plantation nearly half in cultivation. Good houses, fences and stock on place. Situated on bank of Ouachita river, Caldwell Parish. Price $3,400.00; tenants of place. Small cash payment. Owner retiring from business. Splendid opportunity. This offer is for 30 days only. E. C. Drew Investment Co., Monroe, La. Nov. 13

Judges Pugh and Gray, of the court of appeals, reached Farmerville Monday afternoon, and soon thereafter opened court. The Jones insurance cases were transferred to Ruston for argument, by consent. The cases of W. S. Spears et al. vs. J. A. Carroll, and B. W. Pardue vs. J. M. Mosely, were argued and submitted to be decided in chambers. Court adjourned Tuesday morning, after which the judges left for their homes via Bernice.

Mr. J. C. Montgomery, of Monroe, is on our streets to-day.

Real Estate Transfers

Larkin J. Lowery to Thos. H. Hamilton, 240 acres of land, $100.

David Cole to Dorcas Hubbard, 20 acres of land, $1.

J. G. Trimble to James Davis and Oscar Jelks, 160 acres of land, $400.

Mrs. J. Ella Hicks et al. to C. P. Arrant, 27 acres of land, $300.

A. M. Jarrell et  al. to B. F. Milam, lot in Bernice $500.


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