From Farmerville

Farmerville Main Street

The Gazette
November 27, 1901

Many an old gobbler will take his last strut today.

The police jury will hold its last session for 1901 next week.

Rooks, at Bernice, can supply you with anything in the jewelry line.

The post office at Cherry Ridge was robbed last Thursday night of about $20.

Mrs. Ida Alcus and Mr. D. L. Cromwell, of Bernice, are visiting relatives in Farmerville.

Mr. A. J. Mashaw, of Ruston, is spending the week in Farmerville on business.

J. D. Baughman has a lot of choice home-made molasses, which he is selling at 50 cents per gallon.

Judge Allen Barksdale and C. B. Roberts, Esq., of Ruston, are attending court in Farmerville this week.

Rooks, the jeweler at Bernice, guarantees all his work. Take your watches, clocks and sewing machines to him.

Dr. C. H. Jameson carried his son Hill to Shreveport last week to have his defective sense of hearing remedied.

Dental Notice. I will be in Bernice all next week, prepared to do any work in the line of dentistry. C. H. Laurence, D. D. S.

Mr. Duke Selig has purchased the livery stable outfit of Mr. Simonton at Ruston, and he went over there Monday to take charge of it.

I have just received from St. Louis, a nice assortment of fresh fancy candies, bought at a bargain and will sell same way. Call and get my prices. J. W. Stancil.

Wanted For Cash. Hides, beeswax, tallow, brass, copper, chickens, eggs, coon and minx hides and other produce.  D. Stein.

Mr. Will Williams, residing in the northern part of Union Parish, has purchased a residence in Junction City and will move his family there.

Cotton Seed Wanted. I will pay 18 cents a bushel cash for all cotton seed delivered at the seed house in Lillie.  B. F. Post, Agent Ruston Oil Mill.

From the Junction City Democrat we learn that Mr. J. W. White has gone to Tremont, La., to take charge of a large commissary there for the Tremont Lumber Co. He will also run the hotel.

Have just received a nice line of shoes. All you who need shoes will do well to get my prices before buying elsewhere. I have the best shoe on the market for the least money.  J. W. Stancil.

Agents Wanted. $136 per month guaranteed by a mercantile agency. Address, The Retail Credit & Collections Association, P. O. Box W-578, Boulder, Colorado.

The Arkansas Southern railroad has abandoned its double daily passenger train for the present. The trains now pass Bernice about the same time they did under the schedule in force before the double service was put on.

Send us a list of twelve names and address of those who you think are interested in a business education, and receive six cards with your names beautifully written. Address: New Orleans Business College, New Orleans, La.

Miss Stella Scarborough, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Scarborough, died suddenly Thursday morning  at her parents’ home. She was suffering the day before, and took morphine to relieve her; and it is thought that she took too much of the drug. She was in her 21st year.

Lost or Stolen. From my residence, four miles east of Farmerville, on Nov. 12th, 1901, one small sorrel horse mule, had on rope collar with small bell when he left; aged about 12 years. Any information will be liberally rewarded. Address: D. N. Kenneday, Farmerville, La.

Miss Lillie Barnes has returned home. and we are glad to know that she is in good health now.

The question selected for debate next Tuesday evening at the Farmerville Debating Club is, “Resolved that United States senators should be elected by direct vote of the people.” The speakers assigned are Judge R. B. Dawkins and W. D. Munholland for the affirmative; J. H. Anderson and John Roaten for the negative.

I will pay, for the next 20 days, 17 cts per bushel for sack seed, and furnish sacks at Farmerville, La.  John Ballard, Agent Union Oil Co.

A fire in Shreveport, Saturday morning on one of the principal streets burned three business structures, two entirely and one partially. It was of mysterious origin. Loss $40,000.

Madison Parish has another deplorable tragedy to her debit. Reuben Carson, an eighteen-year-old lad, shot and killed B. H. Sanford, his brother-in-law. The affair grew out of a quarrel pertaining to business matters.

Now that Marshal Dawson has put the principal streets of Farmerville in “apple pie order,” thus adding very materially to the appearance of the town, our citizens could still further beautify it by planting pretty shade trees along the streets. Suppose that some day this winter be set apart for that purpose, and let a general tree planting be inaugurated in Farmerville. A little time and money invested that way would be well spent.

Annual Convention Southern Educational Association, Columbia, S. C. The St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern railroad will make a one fare plus two dollar rate for round trip tickets on sale Dec. 22 to 26, final limit Jan. 5th, 1902. For any information write, H. D. Apgar, Agent, Monroe, La.

Mr. Lavelle Hopkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Hopkins, of Marion is seriously ill. He has been afflicted with a series of serious troubles — typhoid fever, fistula, and now pneumonia in both lungs. His condition is extremely precarious.

Thanksgiving exercises will be held at the Methodist church in Farmerville tomorrow evening at 7 o’clock. The following program, interspersed with suitable music, has been arranged: “The influence of education upon civilization” – John Roaten. “What our civil institutions have “The influence of commerce upon nations.” – Rudolph Haas. “Suggestions of the day” – Barnette Wright.  Everbody is invited to attend.  — This is as it was printed in The Gazette. 

Mr. James Hall informs us that a negro named Ben Nelson was killed yesterday near Marion. He was driving a mule team hitched to a wagon. The animals became frightened and ran away, and in the accident Nelson was thrown out and killed. He was a good hard-working darky.

For Sale. 400 acre plantation nearly half in cultivation. Good houses, fences and stock on place. Situated on bank of Ouachita river, Caldwell Parish. Price $3,400.00; tenants of place. Small cash payment. Owner retiring from business. Splendid opportunity. This offer is for 30 days only. E. C. Drew Investment Co., Monroe, La. Nov. 13.

While in Farmerville last Wednesday, Rabbi I. Heinberg organized a Sunday school among the Jewish residents of our town. Mrs. Bertha Haas was chosen as superintendent, and Misses Reita Hartman, Maude Selig and Carrie Shuster teachers. At night Dr. Heinberg delivered an interesting lecture at the K. of P. hall, in which he admonished the Jews of their religious duties and the necessity of organization to do effective work.

All kinda of legal blanks for justices of the peace and constables for sale at this office.

Ruston and Farmerville Railroad. The Hamburg and Ruston railroad engineers were running more preliminary lines out of Ruston a few days last week with a view of coming into Ruston by a different route than over the V. S. & P. line as first contemplated. We think there is no doubt now that this road will be built and that in the near future, all obstacles to the contrary having been removed, so we are informed by those in position to know. — Ruston Age.


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