Musical Recital

The Gazette
November 27, 1901

A number of Farmerville’s citizens were permitted to enjoy a real musical treat Monday evening at the recital given by the pupils of Miss Hardy’s music class at the residence of Mrs. Selig.

With the exception of the pieces assigned to Misses Mabel Gilbert and Birdie Cook, who were kept away on account of sickness, the following program was exquisitely and artistically rendered:

Duet — A Dance on the Grass – Misses G. Baughman and Hardy

The Coquette, Op. 54 – Ban Gacl — Miss Mabel Gilbert

Moonlight March – E. Mack – Miss Bettie Haas.

Duet — The Ball – Durand – Misses Hardy and Baughman.

Oh! Such Fun Waltz – Blum – Miss Lucile Pleasant.

Twinkling Stats – Beaumont – Miss Rosa Ramsey.

Tallyho! Op. 122 – Wilson – Miss Kathleen Turnage.

Fleur et Fleurette, Op. 70 – Lichner – Miss Miriam Hartman

Leading Star Waltz – Cloy – Miss Birdie Cook.

Little Fairy Mazurka – Streabbog – Miss Mildred Haas.

La Fontaine – Bohm – Miss Ellen Haas.

Venetian Boat Song, Op. 30 – Mendelssohn – Mr. Karl Pleasant.

With Resounding Song – Bohm – Miss Helena Selig.

Le Tourbillon, Op. 22 – Mattei – Miss Corrie Dawkins.

Martha, Fantaisie Brillante, Op. 30 – Smith – Miss Eda Jameson.

Duet – Lustspiel Overture, Op. 63 – Keler Bela – Misses Selig and Jameson.

All the pupils performed their parts admirable, showing marked advancement in the musical art under the skillful training of their instructor, Miss Hardey. At the conclusion of the regular program, Mrs. Edmund Haass and Misses Hardy and Hartman favored the audience with a few choice instrumental selections. Those who were fortunate enough to be present hope to have an opportunity soon to attend another such recital



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