From Lillie

The Gazette
December 4, 1901

Will send a few dots, as it has been some time since Lillie has been represented.

Mr. A. B. Henderson went to New Orleans several weeks ago to have another surgical operation performed (cancer on his lip). He has not yet returned.

Mr. Winston Farrar died at his son’s home last Friday evening. He was about 83 years of age.

Mr. Jim Upshaw and Miss Lou Seale were married at the residence of the bride’s parent’s last Sunday.

A few cases of small pox among the negroes in this town.

Mr. Henry Arrington, of Bowie county Texas, is visiting relatives and friends in this ward.

Messrs. Jno. Bennett and Jim Hollis, with their families, are back from Texas where they have been for two or three years.

Miss Jeanie, daughter of Mr. E. G. Carroll, of Cherry Ridge neighborhood, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Jno. Parker, this week.

B. – Dec. 2, 1901.


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