From Farmerville

Farmerville Main Street
The Gazette
December 11, 1901

Wanted  All our Union Parish friends to know that we have as good stock as any one in North Louisiana. Everything from a 25 cent pin to a hundred dollar diamond. We will appreciate your trade. We sell cheaper than other towns.  A. J. Mashaw & Son.

A case of small pox is reported in the vicinity of Shiloh.

See police jury proceedings on the first page of this paper.

Mr. W. D. Fryar was on our streets the first of this week.

Rooks, at Bernice, can supply you with anything in the jewelry line.

Mr. J. R. Heston and family, of Wilhite neighborhood, intend to move to Winters, Tex., next week.

Rev. Barnette Wright left Friday for the annual Methodist conference, which convenes this week in New Iberia.

Rooks, the jeweler at Bernice, guarantees all his work. Take your watches, clocks and sewing machines to him.

Mrs. A. O. Dodds, of Winona, Miss., will spend the winter in Farmerville with her daughter, Mrs. J. H. Anderson.

Tax Collector Murphy complains that the tax-payers are settling their dues to the State and Parish governments dreadfully slowly.

On account of inclement weather, the Epworth League literary entertainment, which was billed for last Sunday evening, had to be postponed.

Wanted For Cash. Hides, beeswax, tallow, brass, copper, chickens, eggs, coon and minx hides and other produce.  D. Stein.

The preliminary trial of C. C. Ray, on charge of bigamy, was postponed until next Tuesday, on account of the failure of the State’s witnesses to reach here.

Agents Wanted. $136 per month guaranteed by a mercantile agency. Address, The Retail Credit & Collection Association, P. O. Box W-578, Boulder, Colorado.

Hon. J. M. Smith, register of the State Land Office, came up from Baton Rouge Sunday afternoon. He will spend the week here combining business with pleasure.

All who have cotton seed to sell in D’Arbonne settlement bring them to Farmerville landing and get the cash for them. I will pay ferriage.  John Ballard, Agt. Union Oil Co.

The weather clerk struck it right at least once this week. He said a cold wave would sweep the gulf states Tuesday, and it hit this vicinity promptly on schedule time.

Cotton Seed Wanted. I will pay 18 cents a bushel cash for all cotton seed delivered at the seed house in Lillie.  B. F. Post, Agent Ruston Oil Mill.

The following pupils of the junior department of the Farmerville High School attained a place on the Honor Roll for the month ending Dec. 6th: Minnie Preaus, Pinkie Wallace, Beatrice Smith and Sam Wallace.

Taken Up At my place 9 miles east of Farmerville, one black bull, brown stripe down back, white spot on face, unmarked, about 3 or 4 years old. Owner can get same by paying costs. J. M. Ward.

The rain of Sunday placed Bayou D’Arbonne in a navigable condition for the smaller boats. Mr. Wilson’s gasoline boat was at Farmerville landing yesterday and Mr. Wall’s boat is expected up to-day.

“Christmas and New Year,” “Iron Mountain Route” will make low rates so that you can visit the old home or friends. Tickets on sale Dec, 24, 25, 31 and Jan. 1st, good returning Jan 2. For information write, H. D. Apgar, Monroe, La.

A bloody street duel was enacted Saturday in Blanchard, La., the participants being H. W. Stephens, deputy sheriff, and W. E. Wasson, justice of the peace, resulting in the former being killed and the latter seriously wounded. The difficulty grew out of an old grudge. Both men were well known in North Louisiana. Wasson served for several years in the state legislature.

A frightful accident occurred near Antioch, eight miles east of Homer, Saturday, by which two women lost their lives. Mrs. Lee, an aged lady, was occupied with some work very near the open fireplace, her clothing ignited and she was soon enveloped in flames. Her daughter, Mrs. Williams, ran to her mother’s assistance, but while endeavoring to rescue her mother her own clothing caught fire and both women were burned to death before help came.

The price of cotton continues on the up-grade. Middling was quoted at 8 cents Monday in New Orleans.

The Twentieth Century Club met last evening at Mr. G. Hartman’s residence, when the study of Macbeth was finished.

If by your failure to pay your poll tax before this year passes out, you are denied the high privilege to vote in any future election, don’t say “nobody ever told me.”  Just place the fault where it properly belongs — at your own door.

The Christmas entertainment by the pupils of the Farmerville High School and Miss Hardy’s music class will be given at the court house in town on Thursday evening, the 19th inst., at 7 o’clock. An interesting program is being prepared, and a pleasant time is promised to all who attend.

In this issue of The Gazette appears the charter of the Bank of Bernice. This institution is under the control of safe and successful business men; and hence its success is assured. Its deposits are fast climbing up, thus showing the confidence the public have in the management.

The latest in the way of marriage freak is the performance of a marriage ceremony by telegraph. The groom was in Texas and the bride in Kentucky, when they made the pledge “for better, for worse,” by means of the telegraph. The parties to this novel marriage were Dr. J. W. Simmons, of Peaston, Tex.,  and Miss Maude Wilcott, of Bowling Green, Ky.

Ruston & Farmerville R.R.  The following are the officials recently elected by the Hamburg, Ruston & Southern railroad: President, G. R.Ross, of Carthage, Tex; vice-president, Capt. E. L. Kidd, of Ruston; secretary H. W. Ragan, of Ruston; treasurer, Jon Lockwood, of Carthage, Tex. W. F. Cooper, of Shiloh, was appointed as chief engineer of the road. The bonds are now being engraved and have virtually been taken, and work will begin on the Ruston end of the survey about Dec. 1. — Ruston Leader.

Lost or Stolen. From my residence, four miles east of Farmerville, on Nov. 12th, 1901, one small sorrel horse mule, had on rope collar with small bell when he left; aged about 12 years. Any information will be liberally rewarded. Address: D. N. Kennedy, Farmerville, La.

Fair Warning to All.  All past due notes and accounts (and that includes most everything owing to me) must be paid or satisfactorily arranged by December 15th. I want to get my matters closed up in business shape by that date. If this warning be not heeded, you might have a lawsuit on your hand. Act accordingly.   J. G. Trimble.

An awful head-end collision occurred Thursday on the Iron Mountain railroad near Malvern, Ark., between two passenger trains. Three persons were killed outright and thirty-five others more or less injured. Later three more of the injured died.

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