Junction City High School Honor Roll

The Gazette
December 11, 1901

Month Ending November 29, 1901.

Nancy Petty
Clara Green
Lola Wysinger
Myrtle Pendleton
Idelle Mason
Helen Sykes
May Stevenson
Irene Kelly
Nettie Carson
Martha Jackson
Nora Driggers
Ruth Holingsworth
Clara Smith
Evelyn Williams
Pearl Parnell
Annie Lou Reynold
Sue Purdom
Inez Slater
Lavina Lock
Ethel Slater
Ola Cameron
Pearl Reynolds
May Reynolds
Bessie Wysinger
Ethel Cupp
Lela Pence
Artie Tullis
Minnie Milam
Veatrice Morrison
Bertie Jones
Mangrom Green
Hilton Parnell
George Dismukes
Arnold Dowdy
Raymond Burnside
Jesse White
Ross Melton
Harry Muse
Jesse Halsell
Boyd Goodwin
Sherman Graves
Alex Fairley
Charley Nolly
Frank Stevenson
Dorsey Parnell
Barney Donaldson
Odis Willet
Grady Pendleton
Owen Jackson
Orville Rodgers
Ernest Stevenson
Ohmer Burnside
James McKinley
Carl Pendleton
Aaron Parnell
Wayne Parnell
David Gresham
Russell  Adams
Bennie Cullins
Lenox Parnell
Wynus Purdon
John Young
Dave Simmons
Minor Summers
Willie Dugal
Jewell Melton

George W. Mason, Principal.

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