The Town of Shiloh

Cathy Buckley
From the book: A Louisiana Memory: The Story of the Union Parish Town of Shiloh

It was 1849 before the jury authorized the construction of what would eventually become Louisiana State Highway 2. In that year the jury authorized “construction of the Farmerville-Homer highway through Shiloh, to begin at the Cornie Ferry crossing by way of Solomon Feazel and James Edmunds in a direct route to Homer.” To build the road the following persons were commissioned: James C. Edmunds, Soloman Feazel, G. W. Moore, W. C. Bailey, W. C. Henderson, Benjamin Tubb and F. M. Lindsey.

Other roads were commissioned as well. The road we know today as the Pine Grove Road was originally called the Vienna Road. The road we know as the William Colvin Road was known as the Ruston Road.

Apparently at the time of this authorization Shiloh was a village of some size. For two years later, the United State Government authorized the opening of the Shiloh Post Office. Shiloh served as the post office for a huge area which included the area around Fellowship, Weldon, Pisgah and all points in between. Therefore a resident of Weldon even though several miles from the actual town of Shiloh would be listed as living in Shiloh.

We know that the town of Shiloh was laid out in lots along the Shiloh-Vienna Road which today is known as the Shiloh-Pine Grove Road. There was a town square located where the old Ruston Road converged with the Vienna Road. Numerous deeds tell us that the village of Shiloh comprised 40 acres and 18 lots. There was a public well but it was located on private property.

In 1858 Act #187 of the Louisiana Legislature provided for the incorporation of the town of Shiloe (as spelled in the Act), in the parish of Union.

The description for the town limits read as follows: Begin at the storehouse of Ruffin G. Pleasant on central square and running thence on quarter mile due east from the center of the store. Thence one quarter mile due south, thence on quarter mile due west, thence one quarter mile due north, thence on half mile due east, thence one quarter mile south. Provide for election of a mayor and 5 aldermen. Justice of the Peace authorized to call the meeting.

On February 26, 1870 Act 45 of the Louisiana Legislature extended the corporation limits of the town of Shiloh to one mile square.


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