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cropped-farmerville-main-street.jpgThe Gazette
January 8, 1902

Rev. Barnette Wright preached at Marion Sunday.

W. D. Munholland, Esq., went to Monroe Saturday on business.

Miss Cora Cook paid a “flying” visit to her mother last Saturday.

Miss Birdie McCord returned to New Iberia Friday by way of Ruston.

Mrs. S. C. Selig has been quite sick the past week with pneumonia.

Miss Elma Barnes returned to Ruston Monday to resume her studies at college there.

All kinds of legal blanks for justices of the peace and constables for sale at this office.

Mrs. S. C. Chapman went to Ruston Tuesday, having been summoned there by the serious illness of Mrs. R. M. Gill.

Mr. R. A. Shotwell, secretary and treasurer of the Southern Grocer Co., Monroe, was in Farmerville Friday on business.

Mrs. J. D. Baughman, accompanied by her daughters Gladys and Thelma, returned Sunday from a visit to Hillsboro, Tex.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mashaw, of Ruston, spent a few days of last week with friends in Farmerville, returning home Monday.

Mr. James R. Tabor, formerly of Union Parish but now a resident of Lake Charles, La., was up here last week mingling with friends.

I am still paying the highest cash prices for cotton seed delivered at Farmerville landing.  John Ballard, Agent Union Oil Co.

Capt. J. D. Hamilton and wife and Miss May Powell, of Shiloh, spent a few days of last week in Farmerville. They were guests of Mr. B. F. Pleasant’s family.

STOPS THE COUGH AND WORKS OFF THE COLD.  Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No Cure, No Pay. Price 25 cents.

After spending the holidays at their homes in Farmerville, Miss Annie Pleasant and La Lu Vinson left Monday morning to resume their studies at Keachio College.

The Epworth League will observe League Rally Day (Jan. 12) next Sunday evening at the Methodist Church. Be sure to come if you know how to enjoy a good thing.

Wanted For Cash. Hides, beeswax, tallow, brass, copper, chickens, eggs, coon and minx hides and other produce.  D. Stein.

The Gazette returns thanks to Mr. Abe Stein, manager of the Randolf Hotel, Texarkana, Ark., for a handsome New year menu card of that popular hostelry.

Dentistry. I will be in Farmerville for one week beginning next Monday, 13th inst., prepared to do any kind of dental work. C. H. Laurence.

Among the social attractions of the past few days were pleasant parties at the residences of J. W. Taylor, Mrs. Ellen Levy and the wooden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Marx Guggenhein.

Mr. B. F. Grafton say there is considerable sickness and several recent deaths in Bernice neighborhood. Among those who died lately are Mrs. Charley Johnson, Mrs. Jas. Jones and a young man named Davis. The latter was attending the Bernice school.

The Best Prescription for Malaria.  Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine in a tasteless form. No cure — no pay. Price 50¢.

Mr. B. A. Bridges, the popular commercial traveler, was on our streets Tuesday.

All of last year’s business should be settled before this date. Parties indebted to me will please come forward, sell their cotton and settle up.  J. D. Baughman.

Mr. J. P. Fenton, of Junction, is on our streets today.

Judge Allen Barksdale, of Ruston, is in Farmerville today on legal business.

Agents Wanted. $136 per month guaranteed by a mercantile agency. Address, The Retail Credit & Collection Association, P. O. Box W-578, Boulder, Colorado.

Prof. J. O. Hodnett returned Friday afternoon from a pleasant visit to Brooksville, Ala., his old home. He says lands in that section, no better than the average lands in Union Parish, sell readily for $10 per acre, while they can be bought here for about a fifth of that figure.

J. W. Swayne, of the Hogg-Swayne Oil combine of Beaumont, Tex., denies the report that his syndicate proposes to sell to the Standard Oil Co. for $8,000,000.

If the Boers were as bad as they sometimes represented to be, they would not return the British soldiers taken in battle as promptly as they do; they would put an end to them. Instead of that, the men captured on Christmas day have been liberated already. The Boers could not keep them and would not kill them; so they were deprived of their arms and supplies and sent back as the best way to get rid of them. — New Orleans States

Time for Settlement. All our customers who have cotton stored with us are notified to come forward and make settlements on same at once. Our accounts must be closed up.  J. D. Baughman.

Rumor says that Lord Salisbury is losing his mind. He fails to recognize life-long intimate acquaintances.

In a railway collision on the Cotton Belt railroad at Texarkana, Sunday, Dave Edmondson, a freight engineer, was ground to a pulp.

The mercantile establishment of G. Hartman, Agent, was closed Friday evening under writs of attachment. Mr. Hartman lost heavily a couple of years ago in handling staves, and this in connection with short collections since 1896, forced him to the wall. His liabilities were about $25,000. The stock of goods seized inventoried about $6250.

Mr. T. B. Tugwell, of Roxton, Tex., is visiting relatives in Union Parish.

Mr. J. D. Baughman will be in Farmerville to-morrow with a fine lot of Missouri mules and horses.

TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY  Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove’s signature is on each box. 25¢

Mr. C. U. Farrar, the genial traveling representative of A. Baldwin & Co., Ltd., of New Orleans, was in Farmerville today.

Stray Mules. I have taken up at my residence, 9 miles north of Farmerville, two stray mules which came there on January 1, 1902. One is a small mouse colored mare mule, about 6  to 7 years old, weighs about 650 pounds. The other is a white mare mule, about 14 years old, weighs about 700 pounds. Unless the owner calls for this stock within 30 days from the date hereof they will be sold at public auction to pay costs and damages.  J. D. Farrar, Farmerville, La.  Jan. 7, 1902.

You Know What you are Taking. When you take Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic because the formula is plainly printed on every bottle showing that it is simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay. 50¢

The question for discussion before the Farmerville Debating Club next Tuesday evening is: “Resolved, That women should be admitted to the State University.” The following speakers have been assigned to debate it: Affirmative — Robert Roberts and J. R. Simmons; negative — J. G. Taylor and C. H. Jameson.

The police jury of Red River parish last week fixed the liquor license at $5000.

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