Water Snake

The Gazette
January 8, 1902

For nineteen years Henry Hueselmann of Chicago has known that he had a water snake in his stomach, and has been trying to get doctors in the United States and Germany to listen to him and aid in ridding him of the unwelcome guest. They told him he was crazy. A skiagraph picture  has now confirmed his words and confused the physicians who said he was demented. The X-ray examination was made by Wolfram C. Fuchs. When developed it showed plainly a snake coiled in Hueselmann’s stomach, showing even the head. Hueselmann says he swallowed the water snake while working as an expert machinist in Shamokin, Pa., in 1883. He was in the habit of drinking well water, and thinks the snake was tiny when he swallowed it, but has grown wonderously since. He says he has suffered agony for years.  — Times Democrat.



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