Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
January 22, 1902

B. R. Turner to G. A. McCormick, 80 acres of land, $125.

E. V. Dudley to S. F. Upshaw et al., donation.

Charges Moton to Charley Bess, 160 acres of land, $200.

Wm. Cox to T. E. Brasher, lot in Junction, $37.50.

E. M. Warwick to T. E. Brasher, lot in Junction, $37.50

Mrs. Julia Beaird to Mrs. Caroline Boatright, 60 acres of land, $100.

M. G. Jarmon to J. T. Muse, 107 acres of land, $564.

A. M. Muse to R. G. Muse, 80 acres of land, $150.

Wesley Turner to Levy Turner, 80 acres of land, $368.

L. J. Harrell to Miss M. A. Harrell, 80 acres of land, $60.

J. A. Bennett to Dennis Thompson, 38 acres of land, $213.78.

Mrs. S. M. Shackelford to W. H. Fitzgerald, 53 acres of land, $159.

Jack Bird to W. P. Kirkpatrick, 80 acres of land, $100.

Van Mosely to J. T. Allen, 190 acres of land, $600.

Arkansas Southern R. R. to J. E. Heard, lot in Bernice, $15.

State of Louisian to Jerome Howe, — acres of land, $51.68.

J. N. Heath to T. C. Starrett, 320 acres of land, $616.

Oscar Baughman to T. C. Starret, 80 acres of land, $209.

W. P. Kirkpatrick to T. C. Starret, 120 acres of land, $280.

J. T. Spencer to T. C. Starret, 400 acres of land, $1200.

J. A. Peek to J. N. Heath, redemption deed to 40 acres of land, $6.05.

State of Louisiana to Oscar Baughman, 80 acres of land, $17.28.

Monroe Findley to Mrs. May Dumas, 160 acres of land, $1300.



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