Willie Doran

The Gazette
January 22, 1902

Wilie Doran, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Doran, a boy about sixteen years old, met with a terrible accident last Sunday near Melbourn, while on his way to the levee camp of his father. He was riding a spirited young animal, and the horse became frightened at something along the roadside, and jumped to one side; the saddle turned, throwing the young boy off, with one foot caught in the stirrup. There is no telling how far the horse ran, with the poor boy being dragged and bump to death. The stirrup leather broke, and the horse ran on to the camp. When he was found in the road, he was unconscious, with his skull fractured in several places, while his arm and shoulders were horribly bruised and cut. His mother, who resided in town went immediately to her boy, who was reported killed. Dr. Artand went hurriedly to him, who reported that his skull was so badly fractured that nothing could be done for him. We learn though that after being unconscious up to Tuesday evening he had spoken a few words, and we hope there may yet be some hopes of saving his life. Willie has been in several races with his pony, and could do almost anything with him, and how the horse ran away it is hard to find out. The parents have our deepest sympathy in the sad accident to their son.



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