How To Make Every Day A Great Day!

Pearl A. Harris

One morning a few weeks ago I waked up feeling somewhat “Lousy”. I had not slept well, and I thought, well, I wonder what frustrations are in store for me today. So I pulled myself out of bed, put on my robe and slippers and thought I would go out on the deck before I began to get breakfast. The first thing I saw through the window was a beautiful ruby-throated hummingbird on the feeder getting his breakfast. He flew up to the window as if to say: “See how beautiful I am” and then went back to finish his breakfast. As I opened the door a beautiful blue bird was taking a bath in the birdbath. Of course I disturbed him and as he flew away I saw what a beautiful blue he was. I proceeded to sit down and looked over at the bird feeder hanging on an old clothesline pole. I had fed the birds late the evening before. There were several beautiful cardinals, a few blue jays, some small birds, and a pair of doves on the ground. Then I heard this frisky little wren singing his tune. He was in one of my flowerpots looking for a place to build a  nest I suspect. They are nosey little creatures anyway. I began to look at all the trees I had set out around the yard – never expecting to live to see them get 40 to 50 feet tall. Caldwell, my husband of almost 71 years decided to join me. I thought how God had blessed us with such a wonderful life together and we are still able to take care of ourselves and do most of the things we have always done. I laid my head back on the chair and looked up at the sky and I could see the puffy white clouds drifting by. I seemed to hear God whisper to me – “See, it’s a beautiful, wonderful, blessed day”. All we have to do is just open our eyes and our hearts and thank Him for all the wonders of our world and be grateful. And the best thing of all is “They are all FREE! So have a great day!”


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