When We Lose a Loved One

Pearl Harris

As most of you know I recently lost my husband of over 71 years. I think it is normal as we get older that we think about what it will be like when we lose a love one. It is a fact that when we are born that one day we will die. Well, don’t think about it because it isn’t anything like you can imagine. My friends who lave lost their spouses have been an inspiration to me. Some have handled their loss better than others. I suppose everyone had their own way. I seem to want to handle my grief in private. I do not like to shed tears in public – but it would be OK. I guess we all have to handle our grief in our own way. As the old song says “I’ll Do It My Way”.

I feel as if part of me is gone, but I’m sure God left me here for a reason. After I suffered a “cardiac arrest” 26 years ago I felt as if God left me here to do something “big”. But that never happened, so the little things I was able to do for others has also helped me. That is my purpose for writing this article. Handle your loss in your own way.

I wrote myself a letter and my daughter-in-law typed it and laminated it – and I put it on my refrigerator door. I have had to read it quite a few times when I feel so lonely and think it’s really hard to keep going. I share this letter with you!

Dear Pearl,

You’ve had a long, wonderful life with Caldwell, but he has gone to be with the Lord. God left you here for a while. You have two choices – you can sit around and mope and complain and feel sorry for yourself, or you can pull yourself together and live the rest of your life as God and Caldwell would want you to. So, you can get yourself together, go to functions and be with other people and try to make the best life you can. I know God and your family and friends will help you as they have done so much already. So, Girl, it’s up to you! So please make the right choice and with God’s help you will.

Signed (Pearl)

So readers, keep me in your prayers and my God bless you!



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