Slow Down and Enjoy Our Blessings

Pearl Harris

I am sitting here reminiscing about last week at our church. We had Holy Week Services each day Monday through Friday from 12 noon until 1 o’clock. Thirty minutes was devoted to a message leading up to the crucifixion and the resurrection. A different speaker spoke to us each day and each message was very inspiring. We have had this in our church for several years and we learn something new each year. The fellowship at mealtime and afterwards was very enjoyable. Of course, some of the people had to go back to work, but some of us hung around and visited for a while. I would like to compliment the “kitchen crew”. They did a wonderful job – as always. We sometimes rush home or to the restaurants on Sunday and do not get to visit with our friends and fellow Christians.

We seem to be always in a hurry. Maybe we need to slow down and “smell the roses”. Life is so short, even though we are living longer. 91 years (when you say it) seems a long time – but really it has been so short. I remember when I had time to visit my neighbors and friends. We would just sit on the porch in rockers or in a swing and were not distracted by TV’s, cell phones, loud music and traffic. No one has time to visit – we do most of our visiting over the phone – but that is not like face to face. Everything is so fast – even the seasons seem to pass by faster. A week ago the trees were bare of green leaves and now they are  almost full grown. What goes with our time? No sooner that we get up and do a few things – then it’s bedtime. It seems the hours are shorter. Maybe it is just me but it seems I am always rushing to get some place and then I’m rushing to get home to do something else. It couldn’t be age because I’ve talked to younger people and we all seem to be in the same ‘hurry mode”.

God gave us so many beautiful and wonderful things I think we should take time to enjoy them more than we do. After all, He sacrificed His Son on the cross so that we might live land enjoy all the wonders that He has given us. I don’t know about you, but I am going to try to slow down and enjoy what God has provided for us. Let us all thank Him for His great love for us.

God Bless!

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