Keep Off The Grass

Pearl Harris

How may times have we seen those signs on lawns, both residential and commercial lots? I wonder how much we spend just to keep our lawns pretty and green — I expect it is a “pretty penny”. When I was growing up it was all together different. If you had grass in your yard that meant you were lazy or “sorry” as the old saying goes. I remember we had to scrape our “yards” (I think it is “lawns” today). But to me they are still just plain old yards. But we all think we have to have a great green lawn these days – and I will agree that they are beautiful. But I can tell you by experience – it was just “back breaking work” to keep the grass and weeds now growing. We had a picket fence around our house with a fairly large yard to keep scraped and clean. First, we would scrape it with a hoe, and then we would sweep it with a homemade broom. We had two brooms. One was a “brush”  broom made out of small twigs tied in a bunch with twine or wire. We used it all over the yard. It left marks in the soil, but we had a “yard” broom made out of “sage brush”. If some of you don’t know what sagebrush is — it is a kind of straw like grass. It was tied in really thigh bunches and it was used around the steps  to the porches. It got almost all the trash up. Our doormats were made out of “tow sacks” — as we know now as burlap. Not it is all together different. We sow grass seed, then fertilize it, and water it to get it to grow. Then we have to buy all those fancy mowers, weed eaters and blowers to keep it . It’s sort of like putting sugar in tea to make it sweet and then squeezing lemon in it to make it sour. I have found out that you can’t have a lot of shade trees and a beautiful green lawn. I’m still trying, but I think the shade trees are going to win.

You won’t see any “Keep Off The Grass” signs at my home, but I might put one out saying “Careful, you might trip on a root”. So, Good Luck on your lawn. If it rains a lot you will have to spend a lot to keep it mowed, but if we have a dry, hot summer, watch out for your water bill. As the Earth People would say, “Have A Green Summer”.

P. S. I believe as of today, we might ask Gold to send us a nice shower. It seems so dry for spring.


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