What Happened to our Shoes?

Pearl Harris

What in the world has happened to our footwear? I remember when we could buy such pretty shoes. I’ve always had to be so practical about shoes – “they just aren’t practical” my Dad would say. But when I shopped for shoes I always liked the neat ones that made my feet look small – or so I thought. You don’t find the slim, light weight pretty shoes now. They are all “chunky” or “clunky”! Some are so heavy I believe they added lead somehow in them. I hear people walking down the hall or on the sidewalk and it reminds me of a horse hitched to a milk wagon clopping down a brick street. Honestly, they are so heavy, it’s about all I can do is pick my feet up. I don’t know why I keep my pretty shoes – I can’t walk in them – but I put them on and try – but I’m like a child playing “dress-up” -one foot goes one way and the other goes another. Oh, well, I can dream, cant’ I? Everyone is wearing athletic shoes. I noticed in Sunday’s paper an advertisement that had about 50 different kinds of brand name athletic shoes. How in the world could you choose which on you needed. I have a pair but I only wear them when I get on the treadmill. I see the price tag on them and I wonder if people really do pay that much for them. Maybe the name on them is what is so expensive. Anyway, I see people wearing them during their lunch hour. I suppose that is when they take their daily walk.

Speaking of heels – have you tried some of those shoes with the “spike” heels? I tried on a pair and it reminded me of when I used to try to walk on “tom-walkers” (You many not know what they are). My brother used to make them – but I didn’t have much luck walking on them. I guess if you can wear these extreme high heels you would make a good ballet dancer. These things called “crocs” were all the rage. Everyone said to try them – they are so comfortable. Well, the ones I tried had little knobs inside the sole – felt like I had rocks in my shoes. All the summer I’ve admired those sandal like things- just a sole of a shoe with a hook around your toe. Well, I tried that – guess what happened? I go a big blister – so I’ll leave these for the younger set. I haven’t had a pretty pair of dress shoes since Thomas Cort and Selby went out of business. Course, I got my old stand-bys – SAS! Guess I’m not supposed to name brands – but thank goodness they make shoes made for walking. Come to think of it – I just may go “shoe shopping” soon. But I will probably come back empty-handed or “empty shod” – but wish me luck anyway. Do you think maybe it was because I was born in Arkansas that I’m more comfortable “bare footed”? There is nothing like the “good old summertime”!



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