District Court

The Gazette
March 19, 1902

The criminal docket at this session shows 19 cases, and they will occupy the greater part of the tribunal’s time through Thursday.

The of Joseph H. McCormick vs. C. H. Murphy et al., was compromised. This was an action brought to reduce the assessment on the V. S. & P. railroad lands, and under the compromise the assessment will be $2.00 per acre – the figure originally fixed by Assessor Underwood.

In suit of W. E. Hopkins vs. S. S. Plummer, defendant’s plea of prescription was sustained and plaintiff’s demand rejected.

Will Cage was fined $5.00 and costs for gambling with dice, he pleading guilty. Henry Manning and John Rederford stood trial for same charge, were convicted, and fined $7.50 each and costs.

Charley Davis was acquitted of charge of retailing liquor without license in two cases.

Aleck Jaggers pleaded quilty to charge of carrying concealed weapons and was fined $25 and costs.

Tom Hamilton was acquitted of charge of larceny of timber.

State vs. Dennis Williams, charged with attempt to bribe a witness. Verdict, not guilty.

Will Cage was acquitted of charge of shooting with intent to kill.


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