The Farmer’s Market

Pearl Harris

Have you been to a farmer’s market lately? If you haven’t you should go. It is a sight to see all the fresh produce they have there. Yeah! I know we can go to the grocery store and find all sorts of produce there, but when you go to the farmer’s market it seems so much more personal there. You get to meet the people who worked and sweated to grow all the goodies. Oh, we might find a larger variety of things in the larger supermarkets, but do you ever think about who grew all those beautiful fruits and vegetables? They probably were shipped into our country from a foreign place. Sure, they worked and grew the stuff, but they were not our neighbors. When I see all the fresh vegetables and fruits that come from around home it makes me want to tell the farmers how proud and thankful that they put forth the effort to get the crops to us. It makes me want to eat as much as I can because I know the growing season is short and we will have to go back to the super markets soon. I think we should give the farmers a “heads up” for making this possible. It’s been a while since we had a garden, but when I was a child I remember  helping planting and gathering vegetables and fruit. I hated setting out sweet potato slips. My dad dug the holes with a hoe and we had to set the plants down in the hole and then come back with a water bucket of water and water them and cover them up. It makes my back hurt to even remember it. Another job I hated was picking bugs off the Irish potato plants. I couldn’t see why it was necessary. We had to hoe between the plants to keep the grass down. My dad plowed the garden with a mule and plow stock. It was fun to walk behind him barefoot in the freshly turned soil. I’m sure that they have tractors and other things that make it a little easier to grow all the produce, but it is still a lot of work. Setting out tomato plants was quite a chore – as we had to draw water from a well and carry it in buckets to water the plants, but weren’t those tomatoes good? When peaches were ripe we had to pick them off the trees with all the fuzz on them and wash them in a washtub and we peeled them on the back porch and I remember the flies liked peaches too. We would peel and cut them up and the juice would run down our arms to our elbows. My mom would scold us if we ate too many, because she liked to can a lot to have to make cobblers in the wintertime. There was a lot of hard work that went into putting food on the table back when I was a child, and I’m sure if we questioned the farmers today they would tell us it is still a lot of work. We are grateful that we live in a part of the country where we can produce a lot of food and our “hats are off” to the farmers who produce and market the good stuff for us. Enjoy all the fresh fruit and thank God for people who do the hard work so we can have all those delicious vegetables. and fruit.


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