John Heard Seriously Shot

The Gazette
April 2, 1902

A Homer special to the Shreveport Times, dated March 30, says: “Mr. John Heard, a relative of Gov. W. W. Heard, was shot and it is thought, probably fatally wounded by a desperate negro named Franklin, this morning at Arizona, almost six miles east of here.

“The trouble grew out of a difficulty which occurred yesterday between the negro and Mr. Aycock, in which Mr. Aycock was abused and insulted. A party of men attempted to get the negro this morning when he deliberately fire upon them, shooting Mr. Heard. Sheriff Kirkpatrick and family are after Franklin, but up to this writing no arrest has been effected. The negro has barricaded himself in his house and defies arrest. The house is surrounded and the other casualties may result before he is finally taken.”

“Mr. Heard was a prosperous farmer of this section and has numerous friends who are sure to avenge his death in the event that it occurs. Homer is in a perfect ferment over the affair.”

Sunday afternoon a mob of infuriated citizens caught Franklin and shot him to death. Mr. Heard is not as seriously wounded as was at first believed; and it is thought he will soon be able to get out again.


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