Bedbugs! Again!

Pearl Harris

Have you heard on the news that New York and other places are being invaded by Bedbugs? Well, that’s just what we need in the good ole USA – another pest. They even have the audacity to invade the upscale hotels, they say, Well, when I was a kid- I guess, 7 or 8 years old, somehow we got bedbugs in our house. Well, you would have thought we were invaded by rattlesnakes. My Mom said some kid that we brought home to spend the night brought them into our house – only people who weren’t really clean got bedbugs then – or so they thought. Well, if we weren’t clean before my Mom found them, everything in the house was by the time she got rid of them. Some of us complained of little itchy places, and then she found some spots on the sheets. You talk about things being turned upside down – well, it looked as if a tornado had come through. All the sheets and bed covers had to be disinfected (which meant at that time they were boiled in the wash pot). I suppose nowadays they probably have a spray for that – but we had never heard of one then. The mattresses had to be put on scaffolding out in the sun every day for a few days. The beds were either made out of wood or iron bedsteads. Well, hot boiling water was used to wash all of these down and put out to dry. Even the corners of the room were drenched with hot lye water. Then, of course, the floors had to be scrubbed with “shuck mops”. When we found these little monsters in the seams on the mattress, I wondered how such a little thing could cause so much trouble. My Mom made us be a little more careful about who we brought home to spend the night. I just thought it was interesting that we have come so far in my lifetime with all these electronics and a little thing like bedbugs can cause so much disturbance after all these years. Anyway “sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite!”


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