Our Railroad

The Gazette
April 9, 1902

Last week very satisfactory work was accomplished in the way of securing timber contracts, in aid of the construction of a railroad to Farmerville, and the promoters of the enterprise entertain sanguine hopes that active construction work on the road will soon begin. Mr. Brown left this morning for Omaha, Neb., to confer personally with Mr. McShane, the chief financial figure in the project, relative to further plans; and before leaving Mr. Brown assured us that everything was very bright for the success of the enterprise. However, he said that considerable more timber would have to be secured; and he hoped the people would continue to evince an interest in the development of the parish by signing the options. Some of our citizens appear rather reluctant to executing contracts, for the reason that they fear the proposed scheme will result only in another paper road. But when we consider that the promoters of the road are spending timber contracts, all of which will be valueless to them unless they build the road, we must conclude that they mean business. Mr. Brown tells us that their expenses last week were over $100 per day. Surely they would not be putting out this money without hoping to get a return from the investment. All timber conracts are void unless the road is built in our parish within a stipulated time. Hence you run no risk in signing the options. Let the good work go on.


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