The Need of a Chaperon

The Gazette
April 16, 1902

On of the most important demands of social life is that young girls should be properly chaperoned. Mothers cannot be too careful of their duties in the guardianship of their young daughters. This does not imply any doubt as to their trustworthiness, but the world is neither a lenient nor kind judge; society demands that certain laws for conduct be observed, and if they are disregarded parents must get the credit of being ignorant or sadly indifferent, or the daughters of being reckless, forward or rebellious. There are few things so precious and sacred as the reputation of a young girl. A mother is a girl’s natural chaperon. If she cannot accompany her always, she can, at least, be sure that her daughter is under proper and dignified protection. The Delineator for May, in its department of social observances, discusses very closely this phase of family obligations and calls attention to the fact that lack of care on the part of parents results too often in the foolish engagements and imprudent early marriages of young people.



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