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cropped-farmerville-main-street.jpgThe Gazette
April 30, 1902

Go to Mayo’s for nice ice drinks.

Rev. Barnette Wright left Monday morning to visit his home in Beelerton, Ky.

The sooner timber is secured the sooner will work be begun on the railroad.

Mrs. Ida Aleus, of Bernice, is visiting her brothers the Messrs. Haas of Farmeville.

Mr. J. D. Green, a cotton buyer of Bernice, was a visitor to Farmerville Monday.

The editor Mr. J. G. Trimble is attending the Press Convention which meets at Alexandria.

STOPS THE COUGH AND WORKS OFF THE COLD.  Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No Cure, No Pay. Price 25 cents.

The next issue of The Gazette is likely to contain something definite concerning the railroad.

Before buying your hats, call and see my line of Ladies, Misses and children’s, and you will find the latest styles. R. HAAS, Agt.

A road! A road! All Union for a road! Give Farmerville a railroad or give her a decent burial.

All itching diseases are embarrassing as well as annoying. Hunt’s Cure will instantly relieve and permanently cure all forms of such diseases. Guaranteed. Price 50 cents. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

Messrs. J. W. Stancil, D. W. Dawson and M. W. Wilson have returned from the Dallas reunion.

Mr. G. E. Henderson, of the firm of  Henderson Bros., of Bernice, was a visitor to town Monday.

Mr. S. G. Strozier, one of the oldest citizens of the Point neighborhood, died recently, aged about 89 years.

Ever ready, always reliable, are Cheatham’s Laxative Tablets. They cure a Cold quicker than any know remedy. Easy to carry, pleasant to take. Guaranteed. Price 25 cts. Sold by R HAAS, Agent.

Mr. J. B. Hays, of the cotton factorage firm of Stewart Bros. & Co., New Orleans, was in Farmerville last Friday.

Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, but Simmons’ Cough Syrup soothes any breast; if same be afflicted with Colds, Coughs and like troubles. Guaranteed. Price 25 and 50 cents. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

Dr. C. H. Jameson and wife left Sunday to visit Mr. J. C. Montgomery of Monroe. They returned yesterday evening.

Why pay $65 for a sewing machine when you can get a good one with a $5 set of attachments for $22.50 at The Gazette office.

TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY  Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove’s signature is on each box. 25¢

This is the last week of the session of the Farmerville High School. The session has been a prosperous and beneficial one in every sense.

For Catarrh and Colds in the head, Hunt’s Lightning Oil inhaled is a sure cure. A few drops taken internally relieves Cramp Colic, Colic Cholera Morbus and such troubles. Guaranteed. Price 25 and 50 cents. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

There were only two colored applicants for teachers’ certificates before the examining board Friday – Fanny Eldridge and J. E. Liles. Both of them were given third-grade certificates.

Neuralgic pains, rheumatism, lumbago and sciatic pains, yield to the penetrating influence of Ballard’s Snow Liniment. Price 25 and 50 cents. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

Mr. J. S. Cobb, of Spearsville neighborhood, was a visitor to our town Tuesday.

Ladies’ hats of the latest styles and fashions at W. J. Turnage’s. He also has a complete assortment of laces, embroideries and ribbons and a nice line of dress goods and silks.

Mrs. Anderson and child, of Haynesville, are visiting relatives in Farmerville. Mrs. Anderson is a sister to our assessor J. N. Underwood.

You Know What you are Taking. When you take Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic because the formula is plainly printed on every bottle showing that it is simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay. 50¢.

The Gasoline Palmer steamed away from the Farmerville wharf leaving behind her captain, Gus Hartman. Capt. Hartman was asleep.

At best life is short. Do not make it shorter yet by rank neglect of that cough of yours, when one bottle of Simmons Cough Syrup would cure you. Guaranteed. Price 25 and 50 cents. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

American Woven Wire Hog Fencing. Cheapest and Best – Prices reduced. Write to Monroe Hardware Co., Lt’d., Monroe, LA.

An arithmetic man calculates the newspaper and periodical output in the United States at about 2,865,466,000 dailies, 1,208,190,000 weeklies, and 263,452,000 monthlies; total, 4,337,108,000 copies, an amount of printed matter equal to 3,000,000,000 average novels.

All the gentlemen who are interested in the proposed road to Farmerville left here yesterday morning to look over the country. Hon. John A. McShane, the gentleman who is to furnish the money for the construction of the road, is out with them and on their return it is hoped some more definite knowledge of the proposed plans will be had.

Lowe & Youngblood, leading Jewelers in Watches, Diamonds and everything in the jewelry line. Fancy engraving. Fine Watch and Jewelry repairing. All work guaranteed. Mail orders promptly filled, at lowest prices. 145 DeSiard St., Monroe, La.


Mr. W. D. Munholland occupies the editorial chair in the absence of the editor.

E W Grove

Messrs. D. E. Laupheimer, Karl Pleasant and John W. Taylor left yesterday via Gasoline Palmer for Monroe.

Don’t Become Discouraged.  But use Simmons’ Live Purifier (tin box). Many imitations of the original, so be careful and see that it’s “Purifier” and manufactured by the A. C . Simmons Jr., Medicine Co. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

Hon. John A. McShane, of Omaha, Neb., L. I. Parminter, of Beaumont, Texas, with Mr. John Lockwood also of Beaumont, Tex., came in Sunday afternoon. All these gentlemen aar interested in the proposed railroad to Farmerville, and Mr. McShane is the gentleman who will furnish the money for its construction. It looks as though the railroad is a certainty if the people furnish the required amount of timber.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Hartman celebrated the 27th anniversary of their marriage, Sunday evening, the 27th inst. A number of guests were present.

Just received a car load of Furniture consisting of Beds, Chairs, Rockers, Wardrobes, Bed Springs, Mattresses, Dressers, Kitchen Safes, Bureaus and Center Tables. R. HAAS, Agt.

Perfect digestion is the only foundation for perfect health. The food we eat makes all the blood we have, which in turn feeds every nerve, muscle and tissue in the body. Herbine quickens the appetite, aids digestion, gives tone and vigor to all the functions and ensures good health. Price 50 cents. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

Mr. Richard M. Gill, the sixteen-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Gill, of Ruston died last week. His remains were laid at rest in the Ruston cemetery Wednesday. The Gazette extends deep sympathy to the bereaved parents.

Mr. Laurence Cook, son of Mrs. Ella Cook, of Farmerville, made a narrow escape Friday morning the 25th inst., he being on the steamer “Sunrise” of the Red River line which was burned at the wharf in New Orleans on that day. To escape the flames he was compelled to jump from the cabin to the deck and then into the river. He was slightly burned about the face and narrowly escaped drowning. many of the passengers and crew had narrow escapes from death.

Nearly every persons needs a tonic medicine at this time of the year to brace up and invigorate the nervous system, to cleanse the bowels, liver and kidneys. Herbine is the best and safest remedy to do this, as it will cure constipation, regulate the liver and enrich the blood. Price, 50 cents. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

Few of us give that attention to natural history which we should but when out attention has bee forcibly called to same by the instinct or intelligence of a domestic animal, we should admit our dereliction. Mr. Conrad Gill has a very fine mare which he persists in using as a saddle horse but the other day Mr. Gill having left the mare alone was investigating some other stock, when the mare, ambitious to follow the vocation in life for which she deemed herself best fitted, selected a plow stock from Mr. J. D. Baughman’s store gallery and started home with it. Mr. Gill is not extensively engaged in farming, in fact, he prefers trading. He did not need the plow stock, but as the mare had evinced such a fondness for it he bought it that she might own one all to herself. Unfortunately the mare broke the stock in her efforts to take it home and Mr. Gill will be obliged too have it fixed for her.

Don’t Become Discouraged.  But use Simmons’ Live Purifier (tin box). Many imitations of the original, so be careful and see that it’s “Purifier” and manufactured by the A. C . Simmons Jr., Medicine Co. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

A good joke on the editor, for he is responsible for everything in this paper though absent. We have not been  half so personal nor sever as we might have been, vet, even before this paper goes to press the sulfuric  fumes of discontent are making the atmosphere humid, while the earthquake like rumblings of wounded pride and ruffled feelings have made it necessary that the writer purchase a bottle of nerve tonic and stay close. We are unable to tell whether the weather be cloudy of the sky be darkened with the frowns of our angry victims. We repeat that the editor alone is responsible. Would that he were here. Could I be sure that he would return in time I would hurt these grumblers more than I have done but I wot not his coming. I would tell about how some church members hoodwink their brethren, I’d tell about how some people ought to be interviewed by the courts, I’d tell about how this fellow beat the other in a trade, I’d tell about some flirtations I know about, I’d tell how some men talk blue in company and laugh in privacy while their wives are away. I’d tell about how some girls ———–What happened?  Has the Editor come?

Estray Hogs.  I have taken up at my residence in ward eight six hogs; five are white sandy and one is black,  – two males and four gilts – will average 75 to 80 pounds each in weight. Unless owner calls for same in thirty days from this date, said hogs will be sold to pay costs. T. H. Hamilton, Shiloh, La., April 25, 1902.

Estray Mare. I took up at my place, 3 miles from Conway, La., on April 8th, 1902, one sorrel mare, roach mane, blaze face, about 10 years old; brand “M” on left shoulder and “R. L.” on left hip. Unless owner calls for said mare in thirty days from this date, she will be sold to pay charges. J. M. Oliver, Conway, La., April 25th, 1902.

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