Attention History Buffs

I received this e-mail from Stephanie Herrmann at the Union Parish Library. If you can help please do so. 

During the month of April, the Union Parish Library will be hosting an exhibit about “Exploring Union Parish”. We will feature stories/programs of early explorers, but would like to include information/exhibits of historical markers of our parish of information that people can explore if only for information only. We need any information or photos on any of the following: (also let us know if we missed anything significant)

National Register of Historic Places
Alabama Methodist Church
Bernice Civic Clubhouse
Daniel Stein House
Garland House
Hopkins House
J.W. Heard House
Lindsey Bonded Warehouses
R.T. Moore House
Dr. Terral Clinic
Old Shiloh Community

D’Arbonne State Park
Bryan Park
D’Arbonne Refuge
Upper Ouachita Refuge (Finch Recreation Area)
Corney Creek

Historical Markers
Scotts Place Indian Mounds
State Line Monument
Shiloh Community

Places of Interest
Elgin Springs
T.C. Fields Spillway
Rock Island Railroad Museum
Union Parish History and Art Museum
Spearsville Museum
Alabama Landing
Ouachita City
Moselys Bluff
Loch Lomond
Home of Century Link
Unmarked Civil War Grave
Downsville: Top 100 Incorporporated Small Towns

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