Music, Music, Music

Pearl Harris

I love music. I’m talking about real music. I’ve always loved music and I believe the old saying “Music soothes the savage soul”. When I was a little girl I wanted to play the piano, but had no piano and could not afford to pay for piano lessons. For a while all the music I heard was us kids singing and my dad and brother playing a harmonica or “juice harp”. After we moved to town and I got to go to church I loved the hymns. My son brought his keyboard to my house the last time he visited from Lafayette and played the old hymns that we sang so long ago. It brought back a lot of memories when I attended the Baptist Church in Junction City. It is amazing how pictures of things so long ago seem to appear in your mind. I remember our Music Director, Mr. Dick Muse and his wife played the piano. Sometimes he wouldn’t direct just as she thought and she would kind of give him a “frown”. She sat so straight on the piano bench. And I remember how Mr. Ralph Roby sang bass. Those old hymns were so beautiful and so meaningful. Sometimes we still sing them and I do recall a lot of the words that I learned as a child. Aren’t our minds a wonderful “piece of equipment”? My friend brought me a few of her CD’s to enjoy – Strauss, Chopin and some good music to listen to. They really came in handy last week – I had plumbing problems and that music was a great help in times of stress. I consider the Big Band music as good. But here I go again showing my age. But some of this “stuff” they call music today – doesn’t seem like music to me. I can’t seem to find it to be very enjoyable and I believe if the young people and adults did not listen to that stuff there would not be so much violence in this world. If they can get a guitar, a microphone, some lights and a pair of tight jeans and get in a “half squat” and shake around and “holler” they call that music. Excuse me – that is not my definition of MUSIC. I’m sure most of you who read my articles will agree – and I know the younger people love their music – but I wish they could be exposed to a little bit of “real music”. Try it – you might like it and find it relaxing. All of you have a great week and listen to some good old hymns and thank God we still have these great memories. God Bless.


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