Covered or Uncovered??

Pearl Harris

I was going through some old pictures and I found one of my Mom when she was young. She had on high-top shoes to cover her toes and ankles, a long dress to cover her legs, long sleeves to cover her arm, a high-neck dress collar to cover her neck. I’m glad we don’t go to that extreme – but when I turned on the TV, guess what I saw. I saw bare feet – (sandals), legs bare, dresses above the knee, arms bare, necklines down (very, very low) even on news anchorwomen. Did you ever see Nancy Reagan, or Laura Bush dressed like that? I know it’s been a hot summer, but I guess I’m an old “prude” but I just think we’ve gone to the extreme. I’m a “people watcher” and I remember when we enjoyed seeing people dressed conservatively and in good taste. Well, it isn’t much fun to “people watch” anymore. I am not claiming to be a “fashion plate”, but I try to put into practice what I was taught “along with our generation” to leave something to the imagination. Remember when we were crazy enough to go shopping with high heel shoes on, and gloves and a hat. Well, that was extreme, wasn’t it? Go shopping now – and what do we see — we don’t see much of clothing — more body. The fashion industry has gone too far, I think, in their styles to be in good taste – but as long as people buy their products, they will keep going. I am not preaching, but our morals in our country are on the decline – and I believe that the way we dress has something to do with our thoughts and actions. I like Alan Jackson, the country singer, but I surely would like to patch his blue jeans. We had to wear “patched clothing back in the so called “good old days”. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to write an article about this, and not meaning to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I’d like to see a little more “material” and not so much “body”. Ok, well, wintertime will soon be here, and here’s hoping we have a cold one – so maybe we will “cover” up then.

P.S. We did have a few cold weeks – but spring will be here soon – and off with the warm clothing.

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