Be Vigilant!

7138_593364397351812_127736840_nPearl Harris

We know that we live in the greatest country in the world. We have the most freedom of any country – but we must be vigilant or we might lose it. In my short life span it seems that we are gradually being told what we can and cannot do.When I was in school if we misbehaved we were disciplined by the teacher – then when our parents knew of it, we were disciplined again. Now the teachers get into trouble if they touch a child. Competent teachers will not punish a child unless it is necessary. Our nation was once the best educated in the world – and I believe we are falling short of that now. Some of my family ride motorcycles, but they have sense enough to wear helmets. They should not be told and made to do it. Most of us have the good sense to use our seat belts – they were made for our safety and we should wear them, but if we don’t we break the law. Most of us are aware of the dangers all around us and own some kind of firearm to protect us if needed. This freedom might be taken from us if we are not vigilant. Somehow we have let our manufacturing jobs be sent oversees and left a lot of people here unemployed. Maybe if we could buy only American made goods some of those plants would return. I know you are tired of hearing about the health insurance bill as I am. People should have common sense enough to get insurance. Sure, we might have to leave off some of our other “wants”, but I think the people in Washington are way off course. I don’t think they give Americans any credit for being reliable and capable of living their own lives. I am so tired of hearing “I”, “My” and “Me” from the politicians – I think they have forgotten that “we are the people” and they should use “We”, “Our” and “Us”. Let’s all try to be more vigilant and see that even through we have a lot of gadgets and conveniences to enjoy – if owe lose our freedom we  have nothing left worthwhile. Let’s all do our part in keeping American’s freedom and thank God for the blessings we enjoy.


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