Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
May 28, 1902

Mrs. Ida L. Hughes to J. R. Byrum, 680 acres of land, $315.

T. C. Starret to C. C. Bellinghurst, deed of trust to 3448 acres of land.

Summit Lumber Co. to T. L. Boone, 40 acres of land, $40.

J. P. Abbott to J. M. and J. F. Beaird, 160 acres of land, $632.55.

J. G. Trimble to John Ballard, 360 acres of land, $546.35

Arkansas Southern R. R. to C. Wilson, 5 lots in Bernice, $111.

W. E. Hopkins to J. A. Peek, 80 acres of land, $100.

W. C. Murphy to A. C. Tugwell, 220 acres of land, $400.

Deputy Tax Collector Taylor made deeds as follows for delinquent taxes:

To J. P. Fenton, lot in Junction Cit, $5.70.

To W. E. Kelly & Co., John Ryan saw mill plant, $202.45.

To J. W. Loper (2 deeds), 120 acres of land, $15.45.

To Trimble and Breed, 160 acres of land, $9.65.

To Taylor and Trimble, 70 acres of land, $8.25.

To Loper and Taylor, 32 acres of land, $6.45.

To J. G. Taylor, house and lot in Farmerville, $6.22.

To J. D. Fenton, Agent, 3 lots in Bernice, $6.05.

To Trimble, Kirkpatrick and Breed, (2 deeds), 160 acres of land $13.36.

To J. G.  Trimble, (3 deeds), 235 acres of land, $26.22.

To Miss Ethel Robinson, house and lot in Shiloh, $6.76.

To J. D. Baughman, (4 deeds), 1766 acres of land, $67.38.



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