The Gazette
May 28, 1902

Miss Harday closed her music class last Friday evening with an entertaining and highly pleasing recital at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Haas. A large number of Farmervillians were present and enjoyed the musical treat. The program was as follows:

Valse – Miss Gladys Baughman.

Little Fairy Polka – Miss Nellie Barnes.

La Jeunesse Waltz – Miss Lucile Pleasant.

Marche Romaine, Op. 47 – Miss Rosa Ramsey.

Duet – In the Meadow – Op. 150, No. 2 – Misses Turnage and Hartman.

Doll’s Dream, Op. 202, No. 4 – Miss Olive Baughman.

L’Entrainante – Miss Miriam Hartman.

The Golden Harps, Op. 45 – Miss Kathleen Turnage.

Duet – Yuletide Bells – Misses Haas and Hartman.

Sweet Remembrance – Miss Birdie Cook.

Summer, Op. 169, No. 2 – Miss Mildred Haas.

Duet – Love’s Return Waltz – Misses Dawkins and Cook.

The Whirling Dervish, Op. 370 – Mr. Karl Pleasant.

Babbling  Waters – Miss Corrie Dawkins.

Sonats, Op. 10, No. 1 – Miss Eda Jameson.

Grand Festival March – Misses Jameson and Selig.

At the close of this program, Miss Hardy, Mrs. Haas and others entertained the guests with choice selections.



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