What Has Happened to Honesty?

Pearl Harris

In a way I’m off the stories of my memories – but in a way I’m not. You cannot read the morning paper or listen to news on Television without hearing that someone in our city, state or national administration has “misused, mistaken or some other nice word” our tax money. I would have to be an auditor and have to go through the records. I’m sure some of these are mistakes, but let’s face it – people are illegally taking our tax money for themselves. Some of the workers may be incompetent or mistaken – but I believe that most of it is dishonesty. When I was growing up, you seldom heard of someone being dishonest with public monies. Now every day you hear about it nationally, statewide, city wide, parish wide, in our school systems and even in our churches. Are people not being taught honesty any more? I remember my Dad got paid $1.00 too much and he walked a mile to take it back. I have been given too much change by mistake and returned it. I just don’t understand why so much of this is happening. Is it because our society can’t afford all the “stuff” and have to be dishonest to get it? I guess I should be sending this to KNOE to John.Denison.com to his Tuesday night “Rant”. I suppose one reason is that our morals are not what they were. As an example – What happened in Washington this week: What kind of people are “running” – or maybe I should say “ruining” our country. I don’t claim to be a saint or even an example to anyone – but I was taught right from wrong. Something is lacking in our country today – could it be that there are some people who are trying to take God out of our country and our world? Are we doing all we can to keep this from happening, or we are not doing what God would have us do? Let’s think about this and pray to keep our people honest and our country a great America!



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