Familiar Things – Where Have They Gone?

Pearl Harris

I suppose I’m just too sentimental – but I miss a lot of the things that I have seen in my lifetime. Everything is changing and I suppose that has to be and it is for good most of the time – at least some of the time. But I still miss and remember how so many things are just gone. Have you noticed that there are no more trucks on our roads with “Davison” Transport on them? You could never get on a highway anywhere in this vicinity and not meet or pass a “Davison” truck. The name from now on will be “Genesis”. I’m not sure how long “Davison” trucks have been on the road, but I had a neighbor my age, Jim Grier, who was in the oil business and he knew the older Davison, James’ father, when he had one truck. I would call that success. My daughter-in-law, Judy, has worked for Davison for 34 years, but is now employed by Genesis and says it is a great place to work. Good luck and much success to Genesis.

When I go back to Bernice it seems that I miss familiar places that were in business so long – Martins, Westbrooks, Platt’s, Hicks Store, Miller’s Drug Store, Harris 5 & 10, Salley Grocer, Dr. Colvin’s Office, Caldwell’s Picture Show, Bank of Bernice, and others. Bernice is doing a great job of keeping things going – but I not only miss the businesses, I miss the people.

Many of the businesses here in Farmerville are gone – others to take their place. But I remember City Drug Store, Wadlington Clinic, Selig-Baughman Hardware, People’s Dept. Store, George Mike’s Store, Turnage, Sanders 5 & 10, Farmerville Bank, Piggly Wiggly, and Grafton’s Variety. I guess about the only thing that hasn’t changed the name of gone out of business is Preaus Motor Co.  It holds a special place in my memory because I once was a bookkeeper there and the boys are still my special friends.

I  guess I am not a special friend of change but change has to happen, but it is so good to have memories, and I mean good memories of how things were. Why, I’ve even changed. I passed a full length mirror the other day and I though who in the world is that old lady – Guess what? It was me – even I have changed over a period of 92 years.

Hope you have a “great day” and may God bless you in our changing world. God is the only one we can depend on not to change. Thank You, Lord!

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