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cropped-farmerville-main-street.jpgThe Gazette
July 2, 1902

Mrs. Jas. Rabun of Monroe, is visiting relatives in Union Parish.

Judge R. B. Dawkins went to Ruston Friday on official business.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor visited the Ruston Chautauqua last week.

A girl baby was born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Green Defee, of the 4th ward.

Mrs. L. G. Tompkins has been spending several days with friends in Farmerville.

Mrs. Leecy Crow, of Waxahatchie, Tex., is visiting her parents in Marion.

Misses Maud and Helene Selig went to Bernice last Wednesday to visit relatives; also to Ruston.

Miss Lizzie Edwards, of near Marion, was married last week to a Mr. McDermott.

Mr. W. W. Guthrie and daughter, of Ruston, spent a few days of last week in Farmerville.

Mrs. T. J. Breed left Friday for Oakland and points in Arkansas to visit relatives and friends.

Elder R. M. Boone and family, of Alexandria, are the guests of Hon. Edward Everett, in Farmerville.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mashaw, of Ruston, were the guests of Mr. J. K. Atkinson and family last week.

Caesar Conquered Britain. Malaria was conquered by Simmons’ Liver Purifier (tin box). Protected from moisture, dust and insects. Clears the complexion, cures constipation and corrects action of the liver. Sold by R. Haas, Agent.

Next Saturday is the time for the board of school directors of Union Parish to hold a regular quarterly meeting.

Mr. Ed. Roark, member of the mercantile firm of Roark & Thompson, of Marion, was in Farmerville Monday on business.

STOPS THE COUGH AND WORKS OFF THE COLD.  Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No Cure, No Pay. Price 25 cents.

Misses Estelle Marx and Rosa Lemle, of Monroe, after a pleasant visit to Farmerville, returned to their homes last Wednesday.

Prof. J. O. Hodnett passed through Farmerville Monday en route to Ruston to spend a few days at the Chautauqus.

Before buying your hats, call and see my line of Ladies, Misses and children’s, and you will find the latest styles. R. Haas, Agent.

Superintendent Hodnett requests us to state that a teachers’ examination will be held in August, sometime between the 15th and 31st.

Mr. J. B. Clark, of Oakland, was in our office Monday. He says fine rains fell in his section Saturday and that crops are in excellent shape.

TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY  Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove’s signature is on each box. 25¢

The police jury will assemble in Farmerville next Monday in the capacity of a board of equalizers to review the assessments of Union Parish for 1902.

Eld. J. H. Hughes informs us that there were about 500 persons at the Sunday School convention at Bernice; and that everybody enjoyed a fine time.

Mr. J. H. Roark, a prominent enterprising merchant and capitalist of North Louisiana, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Nonnie, visited Monroe last week.

Prof. J. O. Hodnett informs us that Mr. Reuben Martin, of Marion vicinity, died last week of congestion. He leaves a wife and several children. He was about 45 years of age.

Mrs. J. M. Wallace and son, of Shreveport, arrived in Farmerville Tuesday. Mr. Wallace and daughter will join them here in a day or two. They will spend several weeks in Farmerville – the health resort, of North Louisiana.

We have opened up a new livery and feed stable at the Stein old stand, southwest of public square, with a full line of fresh stock, new vehicles and harness. If you want a first class, stylish rig, we can fit you up.  SELIG & BAUGHMAN, DUKE SELIG, Mgr.

Just received a car load of Furniture consisting of Beds, Chairs, Rockers, Wardrobes, Bed Springs, Mattresses, Dressers, Kitchen Safes, Bureaus and Center Tables.  R. HAAS, Agt.

We are told that parties from the western part of the parish have of late been making frequent visits to Bayou Cornie, above Stein’s Bluff, and killing numbers of fish with dynamite. It is against the law to throw dynamite in any of the streams of Louisiana for the purpose of killing fish, and it is to be hoped that the lawbreakers may be detected and punished.

Bring back Stein’s keys, which he lost. They say Stein had the best vinegar. Shirt waists, dress goods, ladies’ hats, men’s shirts half price, fruit jars, tops and rubbers; all can be found at Stein’s store. Ask for what you don’t see. D. STEIN.

Last week a damage suit for $2500 was filed against Clark & Montgomery in the district court at Monroe by Tom Tichee. About a year ago plaintiff’s little child was run down and killed by one of the busses of Clark & Montgomery near the Iron Mountain depot. The bus was driven by Nelson Yarborough, a driver for defendants. The matter was carried before the grand jury but that body failed to find a bill of indictment against the owners of the bus.

Heaven Help Us in our troubles but use Hunt’s Cure for itch, tetter, ringworm, itching piles and eczema. Guaranteed. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent. 

At Monroe last week articles of incorporation of the Union Mercantile Co., Ltd., were filed, with Hipp P. Marks, president; Abe Arent, vice president; and A. A. Goldschmidt, secretary-treasurer. The capital stock is fixed at $12,500. It is the purpose of the incorporators to do a general mercantile business in Farmerville. We take pleasure in calling attention to the large advertisement in this week’s paper. The firm has purchased the Hartman bankrupt stock of merchandise and will replenish it with other seasonable goods. Their stock has been bought at advantageous figures, and they are offering big bargains to the people. We bespeak for them a liberal share of public patronage.

The Best Prescription for Malaria, Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine in a tasteless form. No cure, no pay. Price 50¢.



Mr. Myers, a clothing drummer who came from Marion yesterday, informs us that a negro was shot there early yesterday morning and probably fatally wounded by a young white man named Powell, son of Widow Powell. The negro worked at Mr. Hopkins’ hotel. The pistol ball entered his stomach and passed through his body, and it is thought he cannot live. No further particulars are obtainable.

We are told that the projectors of the proposed Hamburg, Ruston & Southern railroad held a meeting last week in Shreveport, at which it was decided to push the enterprise through as rapidly as possible. A corps of timber estimators are now in the field to ascertain the amount of timber on which options have been secured.

You Know What you are Taking. When you take Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic because the formula is plainly printed on every bottle showing that it is simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay. 50¢.

Most portions of the parish were visited with more or less rain Friday and Saturday. The blue clouds that hovered over the crop prospects of Union Parish are now partially dissipated. Farmers can now afford to come to town and buy goods with less uneasiness.

E W Grove

Messrs. G. A. Killgore, Sr., W.. K. Pryor, Archie Pryor, J. T. Cole, Jas. Cobb, E. D. Tugwell, P. S. Rabun, J. S. Cobb and W. D. Phelps, of the northern part of the parish were on our streets Tuesday. They all report fine rains last week.

Aunt Lucindy always carries Hunt’s Lightning Oil around with her, says it’s fine for swellings, tooth-ache, colic, weak back and back-ache, cuts burns neuralgia, catarrh. Aunt Lucindy has sixty-nine grandchildren and ought to know what she is talking about. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

The Marion High School closed Friday evening with a nice entertainment, consisting of music, speeches, dialogues, pantomimes, etc. The next day a barbecue was given by the good people of Marion.

A Triple Hanging. Smith, Brown, and Jones hang their hopes of recovery upon Cheatham’s Laxative Chill Tablets. They will be around soon shaking hands with friends. 25c. No cure – no pay. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

Mr. A. Goldschmidt, of Monroe, secretary and treasury of the Union Mercantile Co., Ltd., came to Farmerville Tuesday. This corporation has purchased the  stock of goods of G. Hartman, bankrupt, and will open a store here.

We Can’t Tell a Lie. When we say there is no shaking of bottles, no licking of spoons, no wry faces when Cheatham’s Laxative Chill Tablets are used. 25 cts. No cure- no pay. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

Carson Haberyan took charge of the mail back line Tuesday between Choudrant and Farmerville.

Swapping Lies is practiced, but don’t swap off Hunt’s Lightning Oil for a worthless article. Ask your druggist or merchant for a free sample bottle. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

Mrs. M. J. Pearson and Mrs. A. C. Gill went to Ruston Tuesday to spend a few days at the Chautauqua.

Actions speak louder than words. Some men never say die, yet they all have to do it.

Misses Bettie Ludwig and Belle Trimble went to Ruston Saturday on a visit. They returned home yesterday.

We are informed that a man named Simpson, of Moseley’s Bluff vicinity, was seriously injured by a train Monday at Ruston. The wounded man was convened to the hospital at Shreveport for treatment.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.

Union Mercantile Co


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