Marion Exhibition and Picnic

The Gazette
July 2, 1902

On Thursday night, the 26th of June, the closing exercises of the Marion High School were witnessed by an audience of five hundred interested spectators. The program, which consisted of recitations, concert recitations and dialogues, was interspersed with music discoursed by the local string band under the leadership of Captain Phelan Nettles. For more than three hours the people were highly entertained, some of the dialogues being very finely executed.

On Friday, the 27th, not less than five hundred people attended the school picnic. The forenoon was taken up in listening to addresses by the eloquent B. Wright and the philosophic W. D. Munholland.  Both the addresses were suited to the occasion, and the hearers were gratified beyond reasonable anticipation. At 1 o’clock p.m. dinner was served. This elegant repast consisted of barbecued meats and boxes of dainties prepared by the good ladies. The inner man was thoroughly satiated and good humor and sociability prevailed. Mr. Munholland again entertained with the recital of some dialectic anecdotes. The occasion was one of the most pleasant things Marion has had during its history. Would that such feasts of good things could be had often.


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