Without Electic Power – No Way!

Pearl Harris

A few weeks ago a section of Farmerville was without power for about 7 or 8 hours. We’ve been without power before that long during ice storms – but it seems we made it.  I am one who likes to stay busy – but I could not find anything to do without power. It was daylight but I could not see how to read without lights. My eyes are like me – not as young and efficient as they once were. I could have opened all the drapes and let the sunshine in – but in 100+ degree weather the house would have been unbearable. I couldn’t use the dishwasher and it was full – but I didn’t want to unload it and do them by hand. You see how dependent we are on electric power. I had soiled clothes in the hamper, but I didn’t need them badly enough to wash them by hand. I thought about the clothes that needed pressing – but I don’t know where that old flat iron that I kept was. Well, I’ll vacuum the floor – no that requires a vacuum cleaner – and a broom doesn’t do a very good job on carpet. Of course, the TV would not work. I had no battery radio – so I couldn’t listen to any music. Thank goodness we still had water – but I imagine the pressure was low – so I ran some water in containers. It was getting late and I was not about to stay in this house alone without any street lights even. So I prepared to go to my granddaughters in Choudrant. Of course, I had to go before it got dark (I don’t drive at night). I didn’t want to be gone when the power came back on in case something went wrong, so she promised to come and get me before bedtime. I still could not find anything to do, so I sat down and prayed that the power would soon be on so that all my freezer food would be safe. While I was praying, I prayed for the service men who were working out in the 100+ degree heat so their customers could get back to business as usual. Well, in a little while the power was back on and life went on as usual. Are we not living in a wonderful era of time? Sometimes we complain about the way some things are going in our country, but let us not forget that we live in a wonderful country and enjoy wonderful lives. Continue to pray for peace in our world.


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