Another Friend Story

Pearl Harris

A few weeks ago I wrote an article in the Banner about my first friend. Well, this is about one of my oldest and dearest friends. You might say we lost her this week – but she will always be in my best remembrances. Madaline Grier left us to go to a much better place – we will surely miss her – but she will still have a place in our heart. When we moved from Bernice to Farmerville 57 years ago, we bought a home beside her and her family. She welcomed us with open arms. I had worked in Farmerville, but as far as having friends – only customers. She, immediately became not only a friend but a neighbor. When I say “neighbor” I mean more than just someone who lived next door. Our children were close in age, so they grew up together. She also happened to attend the same church – Methodist. We worked in the church together and were members of United Methodist Women. She was not a neighbor who made a nuisance, but was always there when you needed someone. We both worked, but we always had time to visit over the fence. When someone was sick she was always there with soup or something. Her parents lived in Arkansas and when she would visit them she would bring us back vegetables and fruit. One time she brought some flat green beans and when I cooked them the boys wanted to know why they were flat. I told them Mrs. Grier sat on them all the way from Okalona, AR. They always remembered Mrs. Grier by the “flat beans”. She was always calm and collected. Our children wandered off down in the woods behind our home and when I called they did not answer. I imagined they had fallen into the ravine – but she was sure they were just out of earshot. But I called the Sheriff’s Office and they came and found them. They were just out of “earshot”. One sunny day I was hanging out clothes and she came to her back screen with a skillet of grease on fire. The door was hooked and the grease flew back on her. I saw her and rushed her to the doctor’s office. When they picked the damaged skin off, guess who turned green and slumped to the floor. She was a strong person. I can’t recall all the adjectives that I need to describe her, but I think that just a dear sweet friend and a wonderful neighbor. I miss her, but I thank you God for letting Madaline Grier be a part of my life.


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