Aches and Pains – Why?

Pearl Harris

I have been wondering why I have all these little aches and pains and I think I have figured it out. If I live until October 29th I will be 93 years old. Do you know how many days that I have lived: I have lived 33,945 days, plus a few more including that extra day in leap years. That is a lot of days – it is also 4,836 weeks. I sort of figured maybe I took 500 steps a day – maybe more – it would ad that my poor old feet took 169,725,000 steps. No wonder my feet hurt! Since I’ve always done my own cooking and dish washing – if I handle pots, pans and dishes – 169,725,000 items. Are you surprised that my shoulders are in bad shape and have pains. It seems that I drop lots of items every day and probably bend over to pick up at lease 25 items a day – so that amounts to bending 84,845,500 times. So occasionally I have a back ache. This explains that pain. I think I probably stay awake 14 or 15 hours a day with my eyes open. That amounts to about 50,947,500 hours. No wonder our eyes need help with glasses.

How about laundry? I think I would handle about 60 items per week. So that has to be folded and put up.. So folding and sorting laundry would make our shoulders and arms move about 490,000 times doing the laundry alone. That explains muscle aches in my arms.

I tried to figure out how many times my heart beat in 93 years, but my calculator didn’t have enough room for the figures. If it beats 70 times a minute (average – I think) it would be 4200 times in an hour – or 100,800 a day. Let’s just hope it “keeps on ticking”! The Master Builder made us to last a long time, I suppose.

I came to the conclusion that our bodies take a lot of punishment – and I’m so grateful that we can last for a long time even with out little aches and pains. If any of you care to figure out how many heart beats I’ve had – let me know.

P. S. If there are mistakes in my calculations – chalk it up to age and less that 20/20 vision.


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