How Would You Like To Be A Kid Again?

Pearl Harris

You can! I did for just a little while a few days ago, I believe it was the day after New Years Day. It was such a dreary day – it wouldn’t rain, the sun wouldn’t shine – it just wouldn’t do anything. Neither did I want to do anything – I even kept my PJ’s on all day, which I haven’t done in years. Some how my mind wondered back to my childhood days – I mean as very young as I can remember. It amazes me that after 93 years I can recall that long ago. But in my mind I remember some things that I did. I remember running in a field of flowers (bitter weeds mostly), but to me they were flowers. Some taller flowers were mixed in. I was barefoot and the grass was cool to my feet. The wind blew in my face and I felt as if I were flying like a bird. Then I recall walking in the warm sun with my toes sinking in the warm sand. It felt so good to my feet. There was a little stream in the back pasture and we would wade in the cool water. We didn’t have a care in the world – in fact, we didn’t know there was  another world out there. I would pick tiny wild flowers – especially little purple ones. We called them God’s flowers because no one planted them – they just appeared. I remember lying in the cool grass looking at puffy clouds floating by. I always found figures in them – some sort of animal or something. They floated by so softly. I didn’t know all the kinds of birds – but I remember how pretty their songs were. I must have sat there maybe two hours. Before I knew it I began to feel better knowing that I could be a kid again for a little while. Try it – you’ll like it and some of the things you recall might surprise you. Happy childhood memories to all of you!

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