A Throw Away World

Pearl Harris

If my Mother was still living she would shudder at the things we throw away these days. Nearly every day I take a big garbage bad of “stuff” to the garbage pail to be picked up and taken to a land fill. For just one person it seems to be a lot. A lot of it is put in my mail box. I bring it in, put it in the garbage (most of it) and pay to have it picked up. Every time I throw out aluminum foil, I think how carefully my Mother would wash it, get all the folds out and use it again and again. Those thin plastic grocery count up fast. I ask the bag boys no to make them too heavy for me -so it seems I get an awful lot of those. Even the articles we purchase are all packaged up so tightly with wrappings we can hardly get into them. Sometimes things are packaged so tightly you have more throw-away than what you purchased. And I see a lot of old appliances that have been thrown out. It used to be that appliances could be repaired and parts replaced, but nowadays it is cheaper to buy a new one, as you can’t find a service man. People out of work might try to learn to service our appliances. I sometimes wonder if we will not soon run out of resources if we don’t start recycling and not waste so much. God has provided us with so much, maybe we should be more careful the way we preserve it. I saw a good example of someone saving something today. I attended the “Civil War Tea Party” at Edgewood Bed and Breakfast. I would never have thought the beautiful old home could be saved. But Mr. and Mrs. Carroll have done wonders and it is not nearly finished. They saw something that was about ready to be destroyed and are making something beautiful and useful. They are certainly to be commended for their work. It is going to be beautiful when it is complete. With the ladies dressed in their pretty period clothes it made me want to go back to the olden times. Of course, we can’t do that, but let us all thank God for the wonderful world we live in and try to be “good keepers of our Fathers House”.


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