Who is Boss? Mind or Body?

Pearl Harris

I was always taught that if you put your mind to it – you could do anything – and it has pretty well worked for 93 years with me. But it seems my body has decided it is tired of doing what my mind has to say. Just last week that little wind storm blew down a small limb in my yard. My mind tells me to go pick it up – but you know what – my body refused to move it. I just don’t understand why it won’t cooperate. Everything looks the same as it always has – like the groceries I buy. I ask them to make the bags light – but when I get home and try to get them into the kitchen they act as tough they want stay in the car. I just don’t understand it – my kitchen is a nice clean place and I have plenty of room for them. They are much more comfortable sitting in my pantry. They didn’t use to be that heavy. Of course everything in my cabinets and closets are the same height and I’ve always managed to reach them, but they don’t seem to want to be moved. I know in my mind I can reach them – and I hear this little voice in my mind “Don’t climb up on anything – you might fall.” I get that thing – the “pick-er-upper” – you know what – they usually come down – but not with the tool – they just fall and hit me on the head. So, maybe that is why my mind and my body are not together. Do any of you have any suggestions to this dilemma? Could it be my age? Surely not. Any way I’m so thankful to God that I still have a mind and body that works – but I still wish they would be a little more friendly.



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