Things We Used To Do In May

Pearl Harris

When I was growing up we all really looked forward to the month of May. It was nearly as “good” as Christmas. First, we got to pull off our “long handles”. It didn’t make any difference how warm it got in April, they didn’t come off until May 1st. Then we always had a “May Pole Dance”. It wasn’t a regular dance as we think of it now. It was only for children – and as well as I remember – just for girls. Someone would put up a pole – similar to an electric line pole – only shorter and smaller. The adults would attach crepe paper strips to the top of the pole. I think there were probably 12 or 15 strips. Each child took a strip and to music we marched around the May pole. When we finished they were suppose to be braided around the pole. But sometimes some “do-do”, about like me would miss a step – I don’t ever remember it being perfect – but it was fun. Then the next thing that we always did in May was getting to go barefoot. Oh, boy did that cool green grass feel good after wearing those ole “tacky high top shoes all winter. I think I would still like to walk bare foot in the grass, but I probably would get in the clover like I always did, and a bee would sting me. But my Dad knew what to do for that. He used snuff, so that “snuff-spit” would cure it pretty fast. Ugh! Oh, yes, there is one more thing I can think of that we always did in May. The first time it rained we would go out in the rain and wet our hair. That was supposed to keep us from getting sick all year and sure enough we were rarely sick. And of course the most important thing was that school was over until September. May is a beautiful month with all the flowers and trees in full leaf. God is so good to us for providing us such a special month of May. So let us all be thankful for this special month.


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