War Memories – WWII

Pearl Harris

As of Sunday, May 27th, the day before Memorial Day I watched television mostly all afternoon. On one station it was about World War II. This man told his story and it was like I had heard so many times from my husband before he passed away. It was a long time before he talked much about it., but after they built the WWII Memorial he began to talk about it. He was fortunate to have been in the Air Force instead of the infantry which I think was much worse. There was nothing good about war, but as I listened to these men tell of their experiences, I recalled all the times we talked and remembered instances that happened and it was very similar to what these men talked about on TV. My granddaughter took his diary just this week to make copies of it for the children and grandchildren. It tells of part of his life for 3 1/2 years. It was not easy for the families left on the home front. We should never forget the young men who gave their lives and those who were fortunate to come home and have a family and a life. Nor should we forget the young men in the Korean and Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan Wars. War affects so many people and we should all pray for peace in this world so that these young men and women will not have to endure these hardships and even give their lives for our freedom. Let’s all pray for our country that we will be able to be free without war. Thank all you veterans – may God bless you!


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