What’s Behind Those Two Doors?

Pearl Harris

It might as well be a big black bear. There is a door from the bedroom that opens into the den – then there’s a door that opens from the dining room into the den – and they make a sort of closet. But I had ceiling to floor shelves built in a few years ago. They are about 8 inches deep and 6 feet wide. There are a lot of our lives stored in those few selves. There are about 20 photograph albums, boxes and boxes of pictures not even in albums, High School annuals, about 100 or more of Ideals Books, Devotional Books, pictures in frames, an old tape player and the whole Bible on tapes as read by Johnny Cash, some collectible whiskey bottles (empty) and probably that big black bear. A couple of years ago one of my sons suggested I clean it out and put all the pictures in albums – said it was probably dusty. “Why didn’t he offer to clean it?” Anyway, when I pass that way, I go real fast (or at least I try “fast”) (but it’s really not fast at my age). Occasionally I will decide to clean it out, but when I pull open those doors – I close them together and say “later”. I wonder if I will ever get enough courage to really get that big black bear our of there – or if I will leave them for the children to do it. I can hear them saying; “Why in the world didn’t Mother clean up this mess?” And I will hopefully be upstairs smiling down on them. God bless you children and happy reminiscing and be sure and free the big black bear.


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