Age vs. Youth

Pearl Harris

I doubt if anyone younger than 30 years of age read these articles that I write. We all go through these different stages of life – first we are babies, a child, a teenager, a young person, an adult, middle age – and if we are lucky “old age”. I guess I’ve reached that stage of my life and it got here so quickly. Life is so short even when you have lived to old age. I enjoyed every stage of my life – oh, I’ve had hard times, some illnesses, some disappointments, but all in all it has been a wonderful life and I thank God for all His blessings. I am sure all of you have experienced a good life also. Family makes life special and so do friends. I have friends of all ages. Most of my older friends have gone on – but I am so thankful for my younger friends. They probably do no realize how wonderful their phone calls and visits are. I laugh sometimes – it seems that I had a reputation of trying to keep them out of trouble when they were teenagers – but they are the ones who call and check on me most often. And they do not know how much I appreciate that. Some days maybe I will be a little down and I get a call “Mrs. Harris, How are you and if you need me – just call”. They will never know how much it means until they get to that stage – old age. So many of us are getting to live longer and I think one reason is the association with younger people. I don’t know why I’m writing this unless it is to encourage more young people to find some older person and become a friend to them. I get amused with myself sometimes when I can’t do some of the things I have always done. But I say – “well my brain is OK, its just that my body doesn’t cooperate sometimes”. Thanks all my friends, young and old and may God bless you.



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