A Bad Week…..

Pearl Harris

Did you ever have one? Well, the week of Sept. 2-8 wasn’t all that bad – but I’ve had better. We lost power for several hours one of those hot days, but thank you Claiborne Electric employees for your hot, hard work, to restore it. The only thing my niece and I  were making strawberry ice cream – and we couldn’t crank an electric freezer – but we got it made. The other thing that made me sad was that I had to have 8 of my trees cut. The tornado had topped some of them last year and they were dying. You know I have written before how I loved trees. I had planted all of these knowing I had too many for a small yard – but I just thought they might get 20 feet tall and I would be long gone by then. But they grew 40 feet tall and I am almost 94 years old. They are still growing and I’m still going! I treat the trees and flowers like children. Two of the trees were brought from Okalona, AR. by my neighbor, Madeline Grier. She passed away and my 2 maple trees went with her. I’m not superstitious – just kind of strange. I think another thing that made my week kind of bad was the hot, humid weather. Thank goodness today is a little better. But my week wasn’t all that bad – my friends and I had lunch in Monroe and shopped at the mall. But I learned that a person 90 years of age has a little problem keeping up with ladies 70 & 80 – but I did a pretty good job.

Congratulations to Chi-Chi on her 100th Birthday. We had a special day Sunday at our church so I had to be here – but I’m sorry I missed her “special day”! I’m looking forward to this being a great week and thank God I still have trees to admire and give us shade and food for wild life an all the other things God has provided for us to enjoy. Have a great week.


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