Let it Snow – Let it NOT Snow

Pearl Harris

I was somewhat concerned that we were going to have an ice storm this past week. IT is so “inconvenient” when we have this bad weather. When I was a child – about 8 or 9 years old – I remember we had a big snow – of course, that was a long time ago. It must have been 8 or 10 inches deep. I recall that my Dad had to shovel trails to the barn and “outdoor johns”. But as far as being such a big deal – it seemed that things were done in about the same way. We didn’t have to worry about the power going out – we had wood stoves and “coal oil” lamps for light. Now, the first thing we have to worry about is losing power. There is nothing as “frustrating” as to lose power. We can’t cook, we can’t listen to TV or wash clothes – well, you know how dependent we are with all our conveniences that we use now days. As I remember the snow we had was light and fluffy. My brothers and sister rolled it up and made a snowman. There is nothing any more beautiful than a “winter wonderland”. I remember John Greenleaf Whitter’s poem “Snow Bound”  where he said the clothes line post looked like tall and sheeted ghosts. Kids don’t even know what a clothesline post is. We didn’t have to worry about the roads being iced over. The mules and wagon worked just fine. Of course our houses were not insulated and it was cold – but we had on long underwear and threw another log on the fire. I know you kids would love to see it snow – you would get out of school and play in it. It would be fun – wouldn’t it? But I’m going to sing “Let it not Snow” instead of “Let it Snow”. Hey, winter isn’t over yet!



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