Time – Where has it Gone?

Pearl Harris

Can you believe that 2012 is almost gone? The years are just not as long as they used to be. I almost think some “weird scientific thing” has happened to old man “time” – but by 100 year old clock keeps the same time as my new electric clocks. I received a 2013 calendar in the mail last week and I thought “why in the world are they sending calendars this early?” Things are beginning to really get busy around here – getting ready for the Holidays. I went in a store a few weeks ago and I thought why in the world do they have lighted Christmas trees on displays? I’ve had another birthday and people are beginning to shop for turkeys and all the other goodies for Thanksgiving. I try my best not to be an “old fuddy-duddy” who looks back on the past too much but memories just don’t disappear and as I reflect back on Thanksgiving I recall how different it was when I was growing up. We had hen and dressing but none of the fancy foods that are common now. But it seems that there was lots of time to visit and enjoy our families. Now – we can’t all get together – there are so many other things to do. We enjoyed Thanksgiving for several days – but now as soon as we get the china and silver and tablecloths put away we get busy decorating and finish shopping for Christmas  and planning for one more family get together before 2012 is a year in the past. But there is a wonderful thing called “memories”, so let us all try to make our Holidays of 2012 a year of precious memories.

Hope you had a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013. I appreciate all the comments that I have received from people who read the “stuff” I write.


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