Well, Here I Go Again!

Pearl Harris

I really am concerned about us getting our freedom taken from us. Slowly one by one they are disappearing. I agree that guns are dangerous in the wrong hands – but the right hands need them for protection. The terrorists can always manage to get weapons just as crooks always manage to steal our tax dollars. I think when one man’s able to control so much that we are getting into dangerous territory. We elect people in Congress to do what is right, and they promise to do that. But when they get elected, there is so much bribery and pay offs that they forget their promise to the people who they are representing. Why not put a ban on these violent movies and TV that people see. It doesn’t make me more violent, but it has a lot of people. People let their children watch these movies and all these shows and games on there. Why not ban companies from making these and make something constructive for children. Sure, if these characters come out as heroes, kids want to be like them. Our elected officials are not very good roll models. They tell you they will do this and that and when they get in there we hear of misappropriation of our tax dollars or some sort of sex scandal. I know there are a lot of good and honest people in these United States and we can do a better job than we are doing. I realize that probably I’m being perceived as a “crazy little 94 year old lady” who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. But there was a small voice within me telling me that I should express my opinion. One other thing that I would like to know is why when Washington starts to cut the pay on anything the first thing they want to cut is Social Security and Medicare. They can always find money to fund these new programs and give-away deals.

Well, I’ve expressed my opinion – so I feel better – even knowing it won’t help anything. Thanks for listening anyway!



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