Here is That Complainer Again!!

Pearl Harris

But I believe I have a legitimate complaint this time. My electric toothbrush quit on me. I tried using a regular brush but my teeth didn’t feel clean. I grew up using just a piece of a rag and soda. But you know now we try to keep up with the times. I dreaded for a week to go to Wal-Mart. I hate to go there. Everything in the store is just opposite from the one in Ruston that we were going to before this one was built. I can’t see in there. They use the sky lights as the lighting and it causes a glare. I know they do it to conserve energy, but prices don’t seem to reflect the cost of non-electric lighting. Anyway, I found my toothbrush and go home and tried to get it out of the enclosed plastic. What have they done to the plastic you used to be able to peel off with your finger nail or some little knife? This toothbrush was enclosed in hard plastic. It reminded me of those Playtex girdles with the hole in them that we used to wear. When you “sweated” – we had no air conditioning then – it was a chore to get them off. But I tried my kitchen shears – no luck. I tried 3 different knives – I finally got an ice pick. Of course, I had about 3 cuts on my hands by that time. I cut the plastic in at least 10 pieces before I could remove the toothbrush. OK I thought I would go get me some batteries to go in it – but when I turned it over there were 2 AA batteries sealed in 3 layers of plastic. I had just as much trouble getting those out as I did the toothbrush. But all is well – my fingers are healed an my teeth are clean.

But while I am in a complaining mood – I have another. These pop top cans of fruits, vegetables, etc. It’s OK to put a pop top for strong people – but I can’t pull them off, so I look under the bottom to use my can opener. Well, what do you know – they are rounded and you are unable to use a regular can opener. I’m not real smart, but I believe common sense would pay off in some situations. I would be willing to bet that some new young “whippersnapper” – as Gabby Hayes, Roy Rogers sidekick used to say – who had never been in a kitchen and probably never opened a can in his life redesigned the new can. You remember when we had to punch a hole and then cut around the top. Then we got an opener with a little thing you twisted around – the electric ones – what else did we need? Think I’ll call the Del Monte Company and see if  they realize the problems. Oh well, just better go ahead and gripe to myself.

Hey, we have a lot to be grateful for and if we didn’t have those little annoyances, it would be a dull world. Thank you God, for all the wonderful conveniences we have an for our beautiful work we live in. God bless and have a beautiful day!



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